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  • Stu2j Stu2j Apr 14, 1999 9:01 PM Flag

    smart you would unload at least 25%

    First, it would be just plain stupid to trade
    ahead of earnings with the stock down.

    Second, I
    anticipated this when I suggested that folks start raising
    cash. However, I not ready to call this a "correction"
    yet. The NASDAQ could jump 100 points

    Finally, it's ludicrous to look for a cause in the EMC
    drop when the entire tech sector was sold off today.

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    • know why EMC opens for trading later than most other stocks, or at least why EMC trades show up on the board later than most?

    • I read the other day that DISC (DCSR) and EMC are
      discussing a possible strategic alliance. EMC has done very
      well taking advantage of the rapid growth of demand
      for storage. Is the Optical storage market the next
      big area to be developed?

      Does anyone know the
      Optical Storage market. DISC is apparently a leading
      provider of optical disk storage systems.

      Who knows
      how this will play out but DISC is up 50% in the last

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    • That is a wise, to take some money off
      the table if you have been in for a while. I`m just
      waiting to get in for the FIRST TIME! Funny, when
      researching the stock on Schwab, I pulled up an analyst
      report (Credit Suise-Boston) (a BUY) dated March 2 ths
      yr....Do you know what the price of EMC was THEN? I hope
      you`re all sitting dowm......$99.75!!! That was SIX
      WEEKS AGO!! The stock has run up over 30% in that
      period!!! People...this stock is WAY OVER DUE to pull
      back!! I`m looking to get in at 115 (maybe 120). The
      odds are that you will see 115 BEFORE you see 130
      again. In fact I wouldn`t be surprised to se it trace
      back to 100!!Good luck to all....

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