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  • wooglin_kai wooglin_kai Oct 19, 2000 9:01 AM Flag

    When are you fools going to learn that

    When posters start to state that "P/E's don't
    apply to EMC" and "Who is the new king?", it makes me
    wonder who will be the NEXT king. Lots of "investors"
    thought (referencing gesakellis's post) INTC, DELL, AMAT,
    IBM, MSFT, CSCO, LU, APPLE, NOK were infallible and at
    least for the moment, they were not. Why is EMC
    infallible? I'm long EMC, but if and when it becomes too
    large (by my definition) a position in my portfolio, I
    will lighten up. Nothing is a sure thing and when
    something becomes a sure thing, ask yourself what usually

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    • People have been saying things like your tirade
      for many years...."Trees don't grow to the
      sky"..."Pigs get slaughtered"...etc. EMC is my company's
      largest customer in the US and we have been with them
      since the beginning. We deal with the Building Services
      Group (the guys that design/build the buildings for the
      company here in Massachusetts).
      Although I won't get
      specific here, I will tell you they have plans on the
      board to DOUBLE manufacturing capability (another
      Franklin site) in 2001. These guys are out ahead of the
      curve since the company can't produce new Boxes without
      the mfg. buildings.
      Every investor is different
      and the general market certainly effects the stock
      price but for what I've seen and know about the Company
      it has a LONG way to go. Do your own DD and check
      out the strength of the company.(I haven't mentioned
      the software growth since I'm not involved in that
      portion of their business). Good luck..(long since 1993)

      • 1 Reply to LinLoxLar
      • Sorry if my post came across as a
        tirade...difficult to express myself sometimes on a board compared
        to in person. I just wonder why some "investors"
        believe certain investment "rules" don't apply to some
        companies. In no way do I doubt EMC as a company (I live in
        Boston). Just trying to keep a level head...I didn't write
        the sky's falling! Anyway, appreciated the insight in
        your post...continued success.

    • wooglin-kai, you are right as far as the fact
      that no company is ever guaranteed to stay on top.
      However, companies that realize this have a higher
      potential to avoid the pitfalls.

      Certain companies
      just become a mainstay of the market, with contined
      growth. These companies become the barometers against
      which all others are measured.

      EMC is becoming
      one of the barometer companies
      of the new economy.

      • 1 Reply to analmichelle
      • First, I love your moniker!
        What I was trying
        to point out was that this other poster listed a
        bunch of former "kings", companies who are doing quite
        well, but their shares have not been doing well lately!
        EMC is firing on all cylinders, but I was just trying
        to infer that nothing is static and today's "kings"
        are not always tomorrows. I'm speaking in general
        terms. But to be specific, XRX, Polaroid etc. were once
        "kings"! Again, I'm long EMC and have yet to sell a single
        Continued success!

    • EMC's Data General Division Announces New ccNUMA
      High-performance AV 35000 offers investment protection with
      flexible upgrade features, high reliability and high power
      for UNIX operating environments
      Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 2000-- Data General today
      announced its new AV 35000 server with powerful Pentium�
      III Xeon(TM) processing. The AV 35000 is Data
      General's latest and most innovative enterprise
      consolidation solution. The newest member of the award winning
      AViiON� series, this enterprise server can adapt to
      changing workloads by scaling up to 64 Pentium III Xeon

      The AV 35000 offers a simple upgrade path
      from the AV 25000 with fourth generation NUMA
      technology and the ability to meet UNIX environment demands.

      ``In keeping with our server-line enhancements, the AV
      35000 offers a cost-effective consolidation solution
      for business-critical needs,'' said Rick Strom,
      director of AViiON marketing. ``This enterprise-level
      server offers investment protection and high-power and
      is an ideal solution for both new customers and
      current AV 25000 users.''

      ``Data General
      continues to meet its customers' needs by providing,
      reliable and high-performing Intel-based servers,
      featuring the Pentium� Xeon(TM) processor,'' said Raghu
      Murthi, director of marketing for Intel's Enterprise
      Platforms Group. ``Intel-based servers provide the platform
      headroom, availability and scalability to keep up with the
      increasing demand and workload of the new Internet

      ``AViiON servers are a key component of
      GERS' electronic software solutions,'' said Jim
      Henderson, president and chief executive officer of GERS
      Retail Systems. ``With this new product, our customers
      will be able to depend on AViiON's high-reliability as
      they implement mission critical transaction management
      applications for web commerce and store-based retailing. Our
      association with Data General demonstrates a shared
      commitment to delivering powerful solutions for the retail
      marketplace in more than 400 GERS installations worldwide.''

      Meeting future business needs - Now

      Both the AV
      25000 and the AV 35000 ccNUMA systems are servers of
      choice for the largest database OLTP, Enterprise
      Resource Planning (ERP), data warehousing or healthcare
      applications. Growing enterprises may use a quick-install,
      draw-slide upgrade, resulting in an extremely easy field
      upgrade from the AV 25000 server. With fourth-generation
      NUMA technology, the AV 35000 brings mainframe levels
      of scalability in processors, memory, and I/O to
      enterprise-class servers. In addition to faster processing, custom
      gate arrays work to enhance performance.

      Consolidated growth in UNIX and Windows Environments

      As the high-end server of the AViiON product line,
      the AV 35000 is equipped to handle large
      consolidation requirements. Built from highly-modular Scalable
      Building Blocks, customers can incrementally grow memory
      and I/O in their systems to support business
      expansion as needed. EMC CLARiiON� midrange storage and EMC
      Symmetrix� enterprise storage systems can be connected
      through multiple redundant high performance connections
      to support a wide range of storage requirements.

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