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  • wallstreet8 wallstreet8 Feb 18, 2001 12:00 PM Flag

    Bush is off to starting a Revolution-


    in this country real fast. Him and all rep. better come to their sences real fast. Iam a rep. speaking also.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Have you considered having an expert do this work for you? I find that I sometimes actually can save money by having qualified people do things that I am not sure of. Was my other suggestion of any help? I have several friends who are auto mechanics. I shall ask one of them about this and get back to you.

    • I'm glad you have been able to cure a few in your state with some real facts. Massachusetts sure needs more people like you. Its also time for Ted to retire. Man, is that guy poison.
      I lived in Northampton & Holyoke for two winters back in the early 80's. Hiked around alot in the western part of Mass. Enjoyed it.

      Good luck.


    • I agree with you. I tried to tell these morons but nobody, Especially these dumb fucks will listen.

    • I am replacing the front motor mount (strut) in a 91 tbird. the upper mount is slotted which allows the mount to be put in several positions. i would like to know the procedure for preloading and tightening the upper bolt. thank you

    • I always thought that "Mass of chew shits" was the only state that you couldn't pronounce with out cursing

    • Replace the battery ground cable. They oftentimes corrode internally and appear to be OK. But they are not. Usually the starter won't turn at all but in this case you may have a starter turning slow.

    • Another thing you might try. And I am know expert because I have not worked on cars in a few years. Check to see if you are losing spark .If you are, you may have a problem with the tfi module. Other wise you can buy a inexpensive device called a noid light that plugs into your injector harness at the injector.It blinks when turning the engine over if the power and ground are good to the injectors.

    • from 89 to 97 the Tbirds had fuel pump issues.
      you may need to replace it with one of the following: part # 12-901 part# 12-902.

      Your battery drain could be the voltage regulator. That sounds like a cherry set of wheels. Hope you are keeping the use down so it will hold it's value.

      Hope this helps, but can't figure what your issue has to do with my post.

    • Ok, I have a 1989 tbird that has less than 65,000 miles on it. Until recently it was running fine. Now every day I have to spray ether into the butterfly. I just had a tune up the fuel filter, air filter etc were changed or replaced. They put in new spark plugs the whole bit. This morning I went out to start the car, the battery often doesnt work if I let the car sit over night- once jumped i have to spray ether into the butterfly to get it to work even after I jump it. Its still not working even though I just took it to get a tune up. If anyone has ANY idea what the problem might be- my dad suggested it was the distributor cap (but this car doesnt have one- has a coil or something)- this morning when I tried to get it to start using the ether it wouldnt start at all. Its been kind of cold but even on relatively nice days (over 40 degree F) it still wont start. PLEASE help.

    • While traveling, I always apologize for being from Massachusetts When someone asks me where I live.
      The one thing that living here has taught me is that there is no correlation between being intelligent and being educated. This shithole is full of the dumbest bunch of college professors and left wing losers you have ever seen. I view being a Dumbocrat as a form of mental illness. I have actually been able to cure many people with a dose of the facts.

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