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  • bill_cleanton bill_cleanton Mar 1, 2001 12:34 PM Flag

    Greenspan cuts rats!

    Greenspan is cutting rats in half! He appreciation is he doesn't have to give in to markets requests. Was it so difficult to shave off 50bps now and another 50bps in march so the money can start to flow into the system now and not a month later! It's a ridiculously silly attitude this old man has! Playing cat and mouse with the markets! And you all rats cut in half!

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    • Someone as clueless as you will never get to me. I just wonder if you have ever siad anything of value here. If you have, I must have missed it. Please explain your reasons for believing EMC will hit it's all time high next quarter. If you are not prepared to defend your moronic statements - don't make them!

    • really gotten to you. But you're to boring to argue with. see ya.

    • It would be a newsflash if you ever said something that made sense.

    • Yes, I am harmless and I am now short, but I do LOVE being correct.

      It so much fun seeing the Pumpers on a good day only to be so wrong in the long term.

      I do get a jolly out of seeing just how ignorant and cocky longs are here.

    • That is what Al Greenspand wants and is doing with NO rate cuts.

      The Market got out of control and he's been vocal about that.

      This down cycle is not over yet boys and girls.

    • This is not at all hard to believe, I saw it coming last October. I predicted the Nasdaq would have to go to 2,000 last year and then would end the year at 2,750. Pretty darn close, but it still didn't go to 2,000.

      The way all of these stocks have split so many times there's still oodles of profits left for those who got in to the market via internet trading in beginning of 1998. That's when the bubble began because of hyping on the internet message boards of stocks with potential growth, all those dotcoms that went into the $100's and all the other tech stocks. Then because of daytrading the bubble got bigger and bigger.

      Only till the Nasdaq gives back all those gains and probably more will we have a bottom, because there's no growth for at least 4-5 quarters.


      Don't be surprised to see the S & P at 1150 sometime this year.

    • Better call in the animal rights groups if he's cutting rats in half.


      • 1 Reply to pk1188
      • Leave the guy alone ass. He may be in this mess at 80 unlike you. He is panicking like the rest of them. Some people put all there chips in this and are hurting. I know Groton and I know living there you have some dough. So don't beat the small investor down. He needs a rate cut and so do I maybe you have time to wait for a recovery. Why can't you support the guy or keep your views to yourself.

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