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  • sorightto sorightto Jun 14, 2001 7:07 AM Flag



    Is the "Bashing" of a stock an essential part of the online investment landscape?
    Our Constitution guarantees us free speech and we have always valued
    the lessons gleaned from dissent. When does dissent cross over that
    imaginary line and become "Bashing"? To often we find well grounded
    dissent capriciously labeled as "Bashing" by over zealous investors
    bent on protecting a stocks reputation at any cost. The "Bashing" that is
    addressed on this site is quite different from dissent. The Anatomy of
    a Basher strives to look at the calculated erosion of confidence in a
    given stock. Erosion by means that are, in every sense, void of
    truth, hinged on deception and innuendo, and motivated by greed
    at the expense of others. This compendium is offered to aid in identifying
    the telltale signs of "Bashing", and hopefully provide a counter balance
    to this heretofore unchecked manipulation of investors fears for personal

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