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  • bush_for_integrity bush_for_integrity Jul 2, 2001 3:25 PM Flag

    Tax cut starts today-send W thanks at;

    E-mail President Bush at Lets all let him know that we appreciate a president that is actually looking out for us tax-payers. This is the first president in 20 years that has actually cared about the tax-payers of this country. Most working couples now take one complete pay-check to pay off their tax bills. This trend is going to have to be reversed or we will soon all be slaves to the goverment. Let President Bush know that you appreciate the steps he has taken to begin reversing this terrible trend. Forward this note to others and encourage them to e-mail the president also.

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    • How do you like Bob Franks? During the campaign, he told us that Brent Schundler was stealing money that would be spent on poor children and funneling it into his campaign.

      Now he's going to support him? Would you support someone who would starve children and funnel the money to his campaign?

      Now this guys got a "POINT"! Unfortunately for him, it's sticking out of the top of his head! - LOL!

      Gotta run,

      Have a great Independence Day folks.

    • gtpers:

      You certainly have a point. The Dems aren't always right.

      However, this board seems to be skewed to the right. Those imbecilic "let's thank George Bush for the tax cut" posts are unnecessary. I try to represent the opposite point of view on this board.

      However, I'd rather keep my commentary away from the social issues and focus on the economic issues that impact us. Whether we are "dumbocrats" or "repolluticans" we should be asking "Is the fiscal policy of the current administration good or bad for EMC in the short/long term?" If possible, I'd like to keep the debate focused on that.

      Now that the Republican primary is over, I would expect a good race there in NJ. That Shundler sounds very crafty.

    • Rush,

      I sometimes reply with the vindictiveness of the original post that I am responding to. Although good ole GW is not up my alley, I do have problems with partisans saying that the current leader of the United states is pumping arsenic in the water.

      The lines you use are old and cliche and right from the usual Democratic campaigns. I had to listen to the same crap (only from the other side) for months here with the Franks/Shundler primary. It's absolutely sickening.


      MANILA, Jul 03, 2001 (AsiaPulse via COMTEX) -- EMC Corporation, the world
      leader in information storage,is the No. 1 supplier of external storage systems
      in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, for 2000, according to a new report
      by International Data Corporation (IDC).

      EMC's market share increased by nearly six per cent from 18.4 to 24.2 per cent,
      outpacing its closest competitor in the external storage market by close to
      seven points.

      In terms of terabyte shipments, EMC also led with a 17.2 per cent share of the
      total shipment of 9,691 TB in 2000.

      External storage systems displayed strong growth in the region, increasing from
      55.2 to 63.7 per cent of total storage revenue from 1999 to 2000 and accounting
      for US$1.5 billion in revenues for the Asia- Pacific region, excluding Japan, in
      2000, a reduction of more than 44 per cent from 1999 and showing that storage is
      increasingly becoming a separate decision from servers.

      Other highlights of the new IDC report indicate an increase in EMC's market
      share in every major information storage hardware segment in 2000a:

      -- In the Unix external storage, a market segment that grew nearly 40 per cent
      overall in 2000, EMC captured a 15.1 per cent share, and increase from its 12.6
      per cent share in 1999.

      -- In mainframe (S/390)storage, EMC extended its market lead by 3 percentage
      points from 44.3 to 47.3 per cent, accounting for revenues in excess of US$109

      -- In Windows NT, a segment that grew 55 per cent to US$667 million in 2000, EMC
      increased its share to 12.6 per cent.

      Storage growth in 2000 was boosted by the exponential growth of information
      across all industries. The increased use of email, the adoption of e-commerce by
      organizations, and the introduction of enterprise business applications such as
      CRM and SCM, data warehousing and data mining are all factors that contributed
      to an absolute explosion of information.

      "EMC has brought leading-edge solutions to the market and has effectively
      executed its go-to-market strategy through a combination of direct and indirect
      channels. We will continue to gain ground because of our customer base in the
      telecommunications, banking and manufacturing sectors where information is
      increasingly mission critical," said Steve Querner, Vice President of EMC

      Querner added, "Business today needs a seamless flow of communication,
      collaboration, and commerce and it is this realization that is creating a move
      away from the common server-centric model towards an information centric I.T.
      infrastructure that is built around their most vital asset-information."

      The IDC report highlighted networked storage, which comprises both SAN (storage
      area networks) and NAS (network-attached storage) deployments, as the new
      direction for the information storage space in 2001.

      "The benefits of the networked storage vision is expected to be realized as
      users gain confidence in their early implementations and extend the network
      storage architectures across the enterprise," said Sydney-based IDC analyst
      Graham Penn.

      Also noted in the report by IDC is the criticality of software and storage
      management issues in an information storage solution.

      The year-to-year increase in EMC's worldwide software revenues was 73 per cent
      for the first quarter of 2001.

    • >Regarding Affirmative Action policies, which president introduced policies for the first time, which president increased policies and which president rolled back policies?

      Richard Nixon signed into law some very liberal, progressive legislation because he had to deal with a liberal, Democratic-contolled congress.

      Bill Clinton had to deal with the opposite. Republicans in Congress were calling for the end to affirmative action, period. Clinton saved it.

      >YOU FOOL! What does that have to do with anything?

      You know, gtpers, I find that people like you who use personal invective are often ineffective, and on the defensive. If you can't be calm and reasonable, it detracts from the points you're trying to make.

    • <The 5 cent per gallon hike on gasoline under Clinton, while gas prices were at their lowest after adjusted for inflation>

      YOU FOOL! What does that have to do with anything? Did it go away when the price of gas went up? A regressive tax hike on the poor is a regressive tax hike on the poor. PERIOD!

      Is that your answer? Every time the price drops on anything (gas, energy, food) it's OK for Government to sock the poor with a tax increase? Do you ever think anything through?

      While you're trying to think, here's another for you.

      Regarding Affirmative Action policies, which president introduced policies for the first time, which president increased policies and which president rolled back policies?

      1. Richard Nixon
      2. George Bush
      3. Bill Clinton

      Go ahead. Try to turn logic on its head and tell me why you support Bill Clinton reversing policies that you should support while bashing Bush and Nixon for introducing them and increasing them.

      Do you want to compare Nixon's agressive labor policies with that of Clinton? Who's from which party?

    • Hey Zip it is better than burning OUR flag like ole billdoe did during vietnam in ANOTHER country!!!!!--and ozone was a REporter--not a FIGHTER--kinda like guarding Texas you know what I mean

    • * OKOK also tell me why Ozone Al didnt graduate school??????

      So why did Dubya booze and snort his way through college, defend Texas with his jet fighter instead of South Vietnam, and become president - coz dady fixed it for him.

    • Hey Lardman--you crack me up--just defend the kennedys and clintons from what I said before--can you UNDERSTAND that??or are you just changing the subject for the umpteenth time? typical democrat--but like I said before--many people do believe in education--OKOK also tell me why Ozone Al didnt graduate school?????? or is this stuff to much for you to comprehend?-go ahead and change the subject or use your OLD comeback about the water

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