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  • nfbuyer nfbuyer Jul 30, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    Alec to Jail ?

    Should Covington be charged? This has been in the works since Ron left. Ron wanted to sell quicker than the board wanted. Covington was brought in to trim down the retail stores, to make the company look more profitable. This POS let the retail stores run down to barely functional operations. They fired every full time employee they could and ran the stores into the toilet. Shorty is rolling in his grave. NF was a formidable retailer until #$%$ like Ron and Alec were brought in downsize for sale.
    Do not fool yourselves, this has been in the works for over ten years. The Board of directors announced "We are not for sale" while pounding a for sale sign into the ground at Edina. The BOD's should share a jail cell with Alec. I feel sorry for all NF stock holders, you have been used like a prison sock.

    Merger huh? You cannot scrub a turd.

    There will be tumbleweeds rolling through Edina, most of the building is already empty, Thanks Alec.
    Remember him announcing his retirement??

    The retail stores are now a crime riddled shell of a once great, thriving grocery store where the employees used to smile and would be friendly and helpful.

    Now?? If you could find an employee for help, they are standing next to another employee talking about where they should apply for new jobs.

    Damn shame. I would like to see Alec locked up for being an #$%$.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell