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  • Eggplant101 Eggplant101 Aug 5, 2011 7:46 PM Flag

    Did you all do any DNP dipping....

    not so simple, bubby92614:
    "they appear to be making enough money that they are now not returning Capital.. "

    They are reporting "net realized LT cap gains" as the other income source for paying the distribution (nearly 50% ytd). What do you think that implies? Hint: it's not the same as "net investment income".

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    • You may have a valid point, though I still feel fine with my DNP investment.

      Been in it for a very long time, probably have more of it then I should... And it did get hit pretty hard over the last few days, but then everything did.

      The dividend re-investment is in a few days, I expect the stock to get a boost maybe up to 9.40 by the Aug 15. I know I will be buying a more with 4K dividend check at a 5% discount. Regardless of the dips over the past few years, it always has managed to get back up above 9, even 10 a share. This market is different, I hope DNP can keep the dividends flowing and hold their NAV.

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      • Well, I was pretty darn close to what I said a few days ago, and Aug 15 is not hear yet....

        This could and should hit 9.70+ by Aug 12, I am delighted if it hovers at 9.50+, and continues to pay the monthly dividend. I will be keeping an eye on interest rates, and plan to take some of the dividends to buy silver and gold to diversify... Gotta love dividend paying stocks like DNP and DUC its sister company which I also own. Its NAV is above 12 a share so is a pretty good buy right now..

        HGT and SJT are good ones too, in both of them myself...

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