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  • wastung wastung Jun 29, 2001 12:58 PM Flag

    DNP - Dividend Reinvestment Plan


    Just came across a Duff & Phelps Dividend Reinvestment Plan brochure (as of 5/90)-

    To obtain more information, I would suggest you write and ask for information.

    The Bank of New York
    Shareholder Relations
    P. O. Box 11258
    Church Street Station
    New York, New York 10286-1258

    They have an 800 number: 1-800-524-4458
    I called the number, but would suggest you write, unless you enjoy pushing bottons on the telephone; They ask for your ss # - I put it in, and received the message that it was not a valid #, etc. Sorry to be so late in getting back to you, but I was travelling; spending some of the DNP dividends. I do NOT reinvest. Am trying to help out the economy by spending, and my wife is of GREAT assistance in this work.

    Have been invested in DNP for over 10 years - and will continue. I don't get much growth, but do enjoy the constant reliability of cash-flow. Good luck.

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    • Mr. (aka) Wastung,
      Thank you for providing poor Joy with this information. I certainly will contact them and for that I'm not going to try terribly hard when you return my softie second serve. Traveling and spending or is it spending and traveling??? Better do it here-and-NOW because Charles Schwab and Ameritrade haven't opened an office in the after-life!! Have fun and continue to do good.
      Score 15-40, but Joy is serving for the first game.

      • 1 Reply to joy_wendy_davis
      • Dear joy_wendy_davis,

        Picked up my name as I 'was stung' with less than quality advice a few times. You address yourself as both poor and old - but just hang in there - at 155 you are double my age, and if you buy 2,000,000 shares (thankx to your mommy) please be advised that I just might be available for adoption! It is my opinion that it doesn't take any more energy to endorse a check for lots of money than it does to endorse a check for less-than-lots of money.

        The cost for this advice is 'love' - that is, I believe, a tennis term.

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