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  • gmaggipinto50 gmaggipinto50 Apr 24, 2009 4:34 PM Flag

    Citadel Bain and Silver pojt converge on Truckeelocal's ex company

    Absolute Return / Caught in the wreckage / September 2008 Magazine ...
    Citadel and Silver Point were well positioned when Bain Capital offered $2 billion to buy out 3Com last September. But that deal fell apart in March when...
    Hey there's that Citadel name again.. the one Truckee tapped into for his ETFC purchase.

    And there they are as big players in a buyout move directed at truckeelocal Serita Koren Cox's ex company. the one she served as a director before moving to the Bridgespn group, an affiliate of Bain Capital.

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    • billionvg oops i mean maggie is wack.

    • This is your one and only warning.
      Took you out before and I will do it again if your posts start getting personal again. Stick to VG information and your fine of which you actually post little.

      By the way the multiple aliases are not helping you and any serious posters can see right through your BS.

      Well at least your treading water for months now instead of losing further. Pulling all the stunts you pull will not make the market increase your investment. Maybe we need a recap of all your past predictions again.

      • 2 Replies to hypnowizard
      • How's this for not getting personal

        Derita Koren Cox, works for the Bridgespan group. Connected to Bain
        Serita Cox director 3com
        Subject od $2.2 billion buyout offer with Bain, Silver Point and Citadel all in on the deal
        Serite Cox, married to Reid Cox..
        Current postion Cox Consultants, lives in Truckee. Company not listed.
        Former anayst The Investro relations grup.
        Mgr investor relations Pac West and Surewest.
        Telecom companies serving Roseville and Sacramento area.
        Truckeelocal buys for his own account ETFC, just before Citadel dumps $2.55 billion into the company.
        Citadel, Far and away, the largest mkt maker in VG shares.
        Fact , both Truckeelocal and Reid and Serita Cox have two black and white Bernese Mtn dogs. Both live in Truckee and both are bay area transplants.
        Financial Review Board and 3 coms headquartered in the Bay area.
        Truckeelocal, a lot like you, has spent two years on this boar posting probono on the negative in VG.
        During thistime Silver Point and Bain add 46 million shares combined to their VG holdings, roughly 23% of the company. Together now hold approx 30% of the company stock, Same as Jeff Citron.

      • "One and only warning !"
        Wow, that sounds pretty emotional. I'm curious, don't you find it interesting that a truckeelocal with ties to Bain and Silver Point, the two big winners in the VG refi sweepsatkes, have the same set of Bernese Mountain Dogs as a guy from Truckee, who's spent two years of his life, dedicated to posting negatively in VG.
        This is a problem for you ? I wonder why.

    • Remember when it was suggested that Citadel and Silver Point were kindred spirits who work together on deals.
      Turns out 3Com was a deal where Citadel, Silver Point and then Bain we're all in on the same play.
      Now there's plenty of evidence that suggests this trio is also working together in VG,
      Start with Bain , who at one time had $400 million of worth on this play. .
      That gives you a valuable ally on the inside who can alert you if something big is coming.
      Remember the Truckee link to ETFC. Impossible to get the Citadel insight on that one, buy not if you're wife knows the players and the scuttle butt at the highest levels of hedge fund activity.
      So you have the number one trader in the stock, the specialist who monitors order flow like no other, Citadel. And you have an incredibly unusual trading pattern. Plus a message board full of order flow followers, banging away for falsified reasons.
      In many years of following stocks I've never seen so many trades agree on the fair value of a stock. I't's been almost 3 months with the markets zigzagging in spectacular fashion and the VG order flow on tons of volume has been quoted in fractions of pennies. Spreads like .3764 to .3765, as if that 1/100th of a penny made one ounce of difference to anyone. 500 shares of volume, 10 million shares, there always seems to be somebody on the other side of the trade..
      Plus you have the company chairman's, ex CEO running the trading company, Citadel Derivatives. He's gone now, No explanation.
      Then you have Silver Point buying the private placement debt below market, and now leading the refi, acquiring, with Bain and Citron some 53 million shares at.29. a pricetag equivalent of buy a business for 6% of annual revenues.
      Since the refi, we've seen a spectacular drop in short interest , coupled with a key insider trader at Silver Point, now liquidating against the best interests of his own firm.
      A firm which could really use the money, considering how they just got butchered in Syntax Brillian and having just left $20 million on table in the failed 3COM buyout.
      Throw in the fact that one guy, with a professional background in stock information, Truckeelocal, has been posting for the most far fecthed reason on the company messageboard for over 2 years and 10s of thousands of blogs.
      Who just so happens to wown two of the same animals, live in the same town and has mastered the same profession, aa guy tied to the two hedge funds that got off 46 million shares of stock with out having to buy in the open market.
      That's a lot of coincidences.

    • Silver Point change of ownership

      COMS $3.99 +0.04 +1.01% 4,663,309 91% $1.5B 179% -0% +75.0% $19.8M | 9.2M shares - decrease of 20.8M shares
      After selling more than half of their 3Com shares. Silver Point has left over $20 million on the table.
      Not so easy when your inside information doesn't work out.
      You can ask truckee after the ETFC deal.

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