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  • omnsft1 omnsft1 Oct 8, 2009 6:01 PM Flag

    Small Investors have no friends...

    1. SEC not a friend
    2. Feds not a friend
    3. IRS not a friend
    4. Investment banks not a friend
    5. Brokerage houses not a friend
    6. Online Trading houses not a friend
    7. Financial Analysts not a friend
    8. Media Analyst not a friend
    9. News media not a friend.

    Pretty much on your own and may be some friends on message boards but that is also infested with non-friends.

    Every one out to get your money with this or that trick, omission, comission ....

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    • This is the best post in any stock message board ever. I know your feeling cause i am also a small investor. I feel cheated by mm and ceo, cfo's many times. For example with VG, Everything is shiny it has a great story for us to tell our generations to come but it went down today taking money from small investor like you and me. Why buy 95mil yesterday and sell today 49mil?

    • you are correct. i have done nothing but loose money since i enbtered market

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      • I had entered the market in year 2000 right . Just one week befor the crash started happening with no end taking $300 stock to 0.30.
        Changed the strategy to sell and buy lower and lower.
        Almost lost all my savings.

        Current market since March is for recouping some of the lost wealth. Enetered again in April and doing better this time. It is a rising market with extremenly under valued stock and with little luck and grace thinks are looking up.

        VG seem to be a good one. started few weeks back with average PPS of 1.50 hope to gain more of my lost wealth from the crooks runing down wall street.

    • Best Post I have seen all day. Bravo my friend Bravo. My Internet friend of course haha. That is why I along with millions of others need to learn to buy low sell high and not hold.... 90% Of the time us small investors will lose because of limited resources, limited funds or limited time. I for one bought in at $1.40 and thought about selling at $2... What can I say should've , could've , would've . I just need to learn that profit is profit....

    • you get two points and a howdy boss for the day sticker.

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