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  • remnantsofabygoneage remnantsofabygoneage Nov 10, 2009 2:53 PM Flag

    Vonage is valued at .15 cents a share!

    I think if the volatility would lessen, then Vonage would have more investors buying in. The fundamentals ARE improving, and it does have growth potential, but who wants to buy a company like Vonage right now when you can buy BAC, GE, or F and have more security on a day to day basis, along with growth potential?

    That is my issue with it. The volatility is enough to make anyone's stomach do somersaults, and test your nerves (or drive you to drinking,lol).

    I like Vonage. Don't get me wrong. Before the conference call, I was up over 25% in it for the year. However, that one call cost me all my profits and I'm really disgusted with it. There is no real reason we should have declined so heavily that day....NONE!

    It may not be Vonage's fault, but I lost a lot of money that day all the same...I'll get back in when the volatility ends...

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