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  • renderedfatcat renderedfatcat Feb 7, 2013 9:58 PM Flag

    Citron and Lefar Read this Board and Act Accordingly

    This Board is the only publicly available realtime source for an honest, critical look at Vonage, besides the fluctuating share price itself.

    There are no yes-people here. No one in fear for their job. We have the freedom to tell it like it is. If Vonage or anyone wants to know what is thought of their company, this is the best venue of free speech on this topic available anywhere.

    With that in mind, I repeat the theme that runs through so many messages on this site:

    VG = BF

    (Bottom Feeder)

    Under intense pressure from competitors with limited growth potential, history of ethical indiscretion, and is the home of INSIDER SELLING.

    Good luck Bagholders.

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    • I am not one bit surprised. When I read here it was short selling, I wondered if it was actually an insider DUMP. Sure enough, Lefar was too chicken to hold through earnings.

      Wonder if they ban access to this Board on the network found on the VG campus. Don't want employees seeing all this healthy criticism. It's not all about productivity. It's about control of the information. Banning them from posting is not the same as preventing them from reading.

    • That's a descriptive title above, not an imperative, i.e. it sure seems that they either know what's wrong with VG or they read here to find out what this free market of ideas things.

      In light of the ambiguity needing correcting, here's a question:

      What's worse for bagholders than 491,000 shares sold short?

      When the CEO sells 491,000 shares.

      At least the short shares would be rebought at some point...

    • I'm flat out fed up with this management team. That means you Lefar.

      He has a string of broken promises dating years back. He's never purchased a single share out of pocket. He's continued to spew hot air about growth and then deliver lower revenues, quarter after quarter (currently five straight). But despite his poor performance, he gets to around in a private jet while making many times the salary of his peers (small cap tech CEOs). He lives the better part of a thousand miles from the company he runs, and makes asinine statements like starting the last earnings call by referring to Hurricane Sandy as Hurricane Sheila.

      And he continues to dump shares.

      No more mulligans. No more big speak about all the great things that could materialize down road. Just put up. He said Q4 would mean higher revenues and that he hoped to provide details about the Brazilian partnership (that was promised by the end of 2012) during the Q4 earnings call.

      Let's see the results next Wednesday. Higher revenues, big gains in net adds, and solid bottom line number. Stop chumping out and failing. Start delivering.

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