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  • i_luv_10_baggers i_luv_10_baggers Feb 13, 2013 8:32 AM Flag

    Great quarter

    More good news coming

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    • There were some good takeaways from this quarter, but the real bummer was the 5,700 net line loss.

      Cash is up to around $100 million. Very good.
      New credit facility of $145 million replaces existing debt. Good.
      New buyback program of $100 million (good until the end of 2014). Excellent.
      Revs $213 million. Better than Q3, but lighter than Q4 2011. Decent to good.
      2012 GAAP net income and revenues less than 2011. Ouch.
      Churn flat at 2.5%. Fair.
      Gross line adds down sharply to 152,000. Fail.
      GAAP net income of .06 per share. Meh.
      Brazilian partnership announced. About time.
      Repurchased 8 million shares for $19 million (share count now 212 million). A+

      IF you give Vonage a mulligan for Pakistan it would have been an outstanding quarter.

    • Very, very good quarter - credit due to GREAT MANAGMENT....The market always comes back to FUNDAMENTALS.

      Don't you just love the basher(s) idiots and whiners who badmouthed Vonage and undercut every announcement, but had ZERO COURAGE to short 20,000 shares BEFORE earnings or to SELL THEIR ALLEGED SHARES of what THEY SAID was a bad stock WHILE THEY REFUSED TO SELL.

      Now the very same basher(s) and whiners ARE TRYING TO TAKE CREDIT FOR THE CONTINUING PROFITABILITY AND SUCCESS of the managment initiatives THEY BADMOUTHED. Not only that, they stupidly (or is it a setup) want managment to GO OUT ON A LIMB and forcast the amounts of new revenue from the partnerships that the basher(s) and whiners SAID WOULDN'T HAPPEN.

      Yeah, right.... managment should put themselves in line for a MISS by forcasting something that is extremely difficult to predict when it is OBVIOUS THAT IT WILL BE VERY POSITIVE ANYWAY, just so the badmouthers can potentially have something else to whine about. That, in a stock that the market doesn't like and goes out of its way to be negative about.

      Yeah, that's the ticket.

      Good luck to all good people.

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      • Pac257, your coalition building abilities are about as weak as Vonage's day to day PR. Your comments drive longs and new-comers away. Most in the market see attacks i.e. "longs" as "pump and dump" and conservative investors as "shorts" as "bashers" as immature, even childish. Stick to the merits of the investment. I want Vonage to succeed and the price to go higher. Vonage would be better off if you stuck to talking about Vonage only. If you need to attack or alienate the investors who might go long too, we would all be better off if you never posted anything at all.

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