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  • bearclawgolfputter bearclawgolfputter Mar 15, 2013 4:11 AM Flag

    gross subscriber growth is roughly equal to churn

    If you're so confident about Vonage, what do you care what anyone says? Vonage should go up and comments here cannot stop a 100MM buyback.
    Overly exuberant shareholders need to remember that gross subscriber growth is roughly equal to churn. That not one dollar has been produced in Brazil. That Pakistan and Vietnam are gone from the worldplan equation. That the CEO is well overpaid. That this company is spun by a scammer banned from being CEO. That the growth prospects are premised on stories, not facts. That Vonage has never paid a dividend. That authorization to buy 100MM does not guarantee all 100MM are bought. That the market has little faith in Vonage ever since its disastrous IPO. That it has many well-financed competitors. Few barriers to entry. Any phone company can offer VOIP now. Cable Companies are fiercely acquiring new subscribers. Vonage loses 30,000 subs a month to some one else.
    Keeping shareholders on planet earth is healthy for this stock. What's Vonage going to do when churn is greater than gross adds? The answer is lower ARPU to beg them to stay. The free cash flow can end just like Pakistan and the Worldplan; it's not a steady stream or a guarantee. This is equity investment, not an annuity. There's real risk.
    You tell people to leave because you don't want reality to be part of an actual discussion. Silencing the critics is bearish. A shrewd investor would want to hear it all. It's no wonder some bought over 5 bucks and held all the way down. That's a dumb investor. Like the dummy who cares more about shorts than about understanding the markets.

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