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  • noweed1984 noweed1984 May 7, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    signing up for service

    Sunday I bought the vonage box from best buy called to activate. 7 hours on the phone later still no service. The people are nice but the afterhours call center and the daytime call center are not in sync. Best buy didn't know where the vonage box in the store was took a while for them to find it. Calling to activate they don't give you all the options for the plans. The amount of times reading the mac# hoping they would activate ended up in vain. After this experience you can advertise all you want but the simple process of getting phone service sucks. They need an overhaul of the process for new customers. I am totally frustrated and would pay more not to have to go through the time consuming process to no where. In retrospect it is much easier to apply on line for service and wait a week for the box and number transfer. The box is free and for the world plan you get a teaser rate for the first three months. I feel they should not try and sell the boxes at retail outlets until they streamline the operation to get you a one step take the credit card and get your phone working. I understand know why the stock is so low. The management is not creating an easy way to sign up knew customers. At this point Lefar should get it together instead of the high priced cfo they need a high priced marketing director that can rectify this situation.

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    • Noweed,

      Thx very much for letting us long term VG Shareholders know what you just went through. That kind of lousy service can make or break a Co. I know myself I wouldn't put up with it and probably would have bailed halfway through.

      So, PLEASE send your note above to VG every way you can think of; mail a letter, email the VG web site, and leave a VG Web Site IR Contact Us note. Tell em the shareholders on the Yahoo Msg board are behind you on this. It's do or die for this stock right now - no second chances!

      Thx, kg2931

      PS: On the bright side, I like watching yesterday's VG Basic Talk television ad. You might share that with em too...

    • Having had experience with both Vonage and Bestbuy, I would say your problem was Bestbuy. Bestbuy's process of just about everything is EXTREMELY SLOW, COMPLICATED, REDUNDANT, INEFFICIENT and TIRESOME. I'm not even going to try to explain their pathetic online shopping - I still don't believe it.

      You get your box, then install it, then log onto Vonage to activate your account - it's almost INSTANTANEOUS. Looks like you did it the hard way - Bestbuy middleman problem.

      Also, your mac address problem may be related to your router or hookup sequence, not Vonage or Bestbuy. Most folks don't really understand that they are dealing with their own home network, their own router, their own ethernet connection and wiring setups, etc., that are not controlled by the Vonage box - Internet Protocol (IP) as in VOIP. Usually, problems are on the customer's side, but they think it's Vonage.

      For instance, if you bought a used or returned router, your mac address may have been used already, thereby blocking your activation with that mac address. Then, there is Cable, Fiber or DSL Broadband service connection differences - also, not Vonage's control.

      The bit I think they should improve is the box itself. They should redesign the box so that it would work in tandem with other Vonage boxes, so that all you would need to do to add an extension phone is to connect another Vonage box to an extension phone and connect that to your network (ethernet connection). Vonage should "License" folks like Netgear, Sonus, Cisco, etc., to make these boxes and collect comissions from the licenses WITHOUT having to invest in or warehouse that equipment themselves - pure profit.

      Good luck to all good people.

    • Noweed, when I had Vonage service for a few years I never had the Vonage box. I just had a modem and a Vonage compatible router by Linksys. The box imo was just an unecessary item that added to clutter. I realize that the box allows you to take your Vonage service on the road, but that really wasn't a priority for me.

      Why would setting up service take 7 hours on the phone? Did you read the mac # and then for whatever reason the service was not activated? Was the customer service rep unqualified and if so did that contribute to the amount of time you spent on the phone?

      I think anyone would agree that spending 7 hours on the phone to set up phone service is completely unacceptable. Hopefully your experience was an anomoly. I can't imagine that would be a typical experience.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Now if I posted that I would have been blasted for bashing.

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