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  • vpg999 vpg999 Oct 11, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    SHOR is a pure SME VOIP provider with M5

    cloud revenues $125-150MM this year, stock easily doubles to $12+ on multiples paid for Vocalocity and RNG 10x sales number, breaking out as we speak, check it out.


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    • Shortel, seriously. I remember when they got kicked out of Verizon for being incompetent. they sell CPE solutions, no Cloud. the new company they bought is not gaining any market share. Nice try. Wow, some people really do not do any due diligence at all.

    • $12 for a stock that LOST 44 CENTS PER SHARE?

      DANGER...DANGER...DANGER, Will Robinson....

      Of the 2 Business VOIP companies that are REAL COMPETITORS to 8x8, plus Vonage with Vocalocity, now in Business VOIP seriously.... It's VERY CLEAR by FUNDAMENTALS that:

      1) Vonage is BY FAR the best buy - P/E 17.51 - P/S 0.89

      2) MITL is next best, but high P/E - P/E 71.07 - P/S 0.55

      3) EGHT is next, but EVERYTHING WAY TOO HIGH - P/E 104.06 - P/S 6.76

      4) SHOR is DEAD LAST, No P/E because they lose millions - P/S 1.22

      Those are 12 month trailing FUNDAMENTALS, but earnings projections look best for Vonage, then MITL, then EGHT. SHOR is DEAD LAST again - still won't make a profit.

      SHOR might rise on HYPE, but it sure won't on FUNDAMENTALS.

      Good luck to all good people.

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