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  • kg2931 kg2931 Oct 11, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    Why has VG bought Vocalocity - another VOIP carrier?

    For over two years I've been holding my VG 10K Shrs @ $5.50 Shr ($50K+). Got into this without a phone industry background and now stuck. I looked at this Vocalocity web page and see it is just another VOIP provider, a private co, develops and owns it's own SW, etc. OK good, but why do we need to add that to what VG already has? How's Vocalocity for $130M going to help our SP climb? kg

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    • kg, I have to agree with the comments. Hard to believe you put down an average person's annual salary to buy this equity without knowing even the basics. You must have money to burn.

      In any case to answer your question, VG did NOT just buy "another" VoIP company. Vocalocity is in the SMB (small to medium business) space. Up to now, VG was almost strictly residential.

      Essentially now we have:
      VG brand for international, premium users
      BasicTalk for domestic, low cost users
      Vocalocity for SMB
      Mobile for everyone else.

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      • thx jake! What you've explained gives me great relief! Yes, you can call me a dummy for having tried trading this few years ago and getting stuck - wrong stock at the wrong time. I guess I was wrong but I thought VG was already in the small Bus space, not just residential... hmm! kg

      • Not to mention 21000 business subs to build of off. Von age will use it's marketing powers to start pushing the Vocalocity brand. the combination of it's residential business and now SMB business should drive revenue and profits above the $1Billion mark.

        i never invested into Vonage until today. once they made that announcement, i was in.

        hey KG2931, i got a bridge for sale in New York City.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • No offense, but you have a long track record of investing in stocks or making inaccurate statements about stocks based on your errors in judgement. You have gotten some good advice here that you ignore - Your choice.

      If, as you say, you are going to invest in stocks without an "industry background" or basic FUNDAMENTAL information, maybe you should consider doing your DUE DILIGENCE before making groundless negative statements that make you SMELL LIKE A BASHER and would be EASILY CORRECTED if you did YOUR HOMEWORK. Not to mention, it would likely be more conducive to making profits on your investing.


      Now, you're asking ANOTHER question that basic DUE DILIGENCE for ANYONE claiming to be invested in Vonage "for over two years' should already know the obviuos answer to.

      "Why has VG bought Vocalocity - another VOIP carrier?"

      Like I said, try doing your DUE DILIGENCE for a change.


      Good luck to all good people.

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      • Pac,

        Gee thx Professor, ha! I confess, and I've shared this before on this msg bd, that I haven't paid attention to this investment much. That much you're right on, but nothing else. Get this straight pac, I'm not a VG basher or Short, etc. I just want this thing to grow to $5.50, get out and then stick to investments I know and want to know something about.

        Oh, and I am "good people"...


    • Yeah. Just what I thought. It's a joke.

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