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  • bylo8 bylo8 Oct 15, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

    as soon as right wing tea party idiots quit posturing for their green teeth fans

    The country can get back on track and Vonage will move up.

    Only idiots would invest now, when folks that don't believe in government are running it!

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    • The communist have taken over enjoy the market while it lasts. Healthcare just the start. Comrade.

    • First and foremost, let's leave politics off the board. However, do not blame average citizens who are keeping these government officials honest. You are a typical left wing #$%$, always calling people names and stamping your feet cause you don't get your own way. kinda like a 3 year old. The real truth is the republican party/tea party is holding the line on the debt, that is a good thing for the country.

      You are a typical a()wipe!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I knew this one was Tea Party. I was going to say something when he/she first posted but I didn't. Wacko alert!

      • I would agree that politics should be kept off the board.

        EXCEPT when they could so blatantly effect the economy, and thus our investments. 75% of the population knows who is to blame, and probably another 2/3s of the 25% pretend they don't.

        I know who was in charge for 8 years when the economy crashed last time, I know who caused our debt to be downgraded two years ago, and I know what congresses have accomplished the least in our history.

        If we, as a country, don't pay our bills - all of them - this board will be nothing but politics.

        2 million computerized payments a day - maybe the tea party can vote on each one.

      • YES, we had to destroy the village to save it !!!

        It seems to me that all these folks that didn't get their way the last election, sure seem to think the folks that did are crybabies, We all know who the crybabies are.

        The US government budget is different than a family budget. Some just are clueless.

        I guess we can put you in the shut er down column pmkhoopster.

        And there is nothing honest about the rich benefactors of the tea party, convincing their low information members that everything that will benefit the ultra rich and corporate America are good and healthcare and social security are bad.

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