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  • saltybob69 saltybob69 Aug 22, 2003 7:51 PM Flag

    ONNN Message Board

    I have been reading this board for nearly the past year now and I have come to 1 conclusion...the majority of the messages here have come from complete idiots who have nothing (obviously) better to do with their time, than throw bullshit around. This board is meant for people who may (or may not) have an interest in ONNN stock. If you want to talk BULLSHIT, go to a BULLSHIT board. Get off this message board and let people who have an interest is what is going on with this company, read intelligent news.
    I have as yet, seen a true (stock) broker here. Don't be spilling bullshit abut buying or selling shares on something the majority of you don't have anyway. If you truly want to know what is happening with this stock and/or this company, go to the financial institution (or your stock broker)that may actually know what's going on. You can spew all the figures and data you want, in the long run, none of it means shit to anyone.
    A stock goes up (or down), depeding on the mood of investors, not rambling idots as most of you are.

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    • bob, d*ckhead, you've offered jacksh*t to this board since i've been here so lay down, lick your nuts, and shut the f*ck up.

      oh, and have a great weekend too :).


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      • i_felonious (is it)? Your're one of the biggest jackasses on this board. First off, This is the first message I have ever posted, so that already shows where your head is most of the time (up your ass, or somebody elses). If anyone should leave this board, it is you for you have given absolutely nothing worthwhile here, except total bullshit. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one (and most of them stink). Take your stinky ass and bullshit elsewhere and quit bothering us decent folk.

      • Ya know I really miss all the good rumors. The one thing this company has done successfully is remove the rumor mill. I'd give my left nut to hear a story about an employee being transferred to Europe after getting caught in the sack with someone from the boys club or hearing about some very embarassing personal moment of someone in management having her dog start barking uncontrollably during a conference call.

        I can't help but wonder if TPG just has a lid on all the gossip or is there such little business plan left that there's nothing to gossip about.

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