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  • dial1_4english dial1_4english Apr 14, 2009 12:47 PM Flag

    CEO gets 58% pay increase

    The shareholders/owners of the company lose 50% of their value. And how many employees have lost their jobs. This is so wrong on so many levels. Disgusting.

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    • Yep! Make that many purcahses in 2007-2008 redundancy and lay-offs are par for the course. However ,we should not lose sight of the greater picture for economic reasons, balance is essential.

      At the end of the day, could have saved positions and talent instead of Keith getting another summer home, fourth car etc.., Seems like a sh**ty trade-off.

      It is just the American way I guess. More, more and then more!

    • I agree with you about the so-called sad story caused by layoffs, etc. But it is a sad story too to keep everybody employed by ON under the current world-wide economy crisis. It is against capitalism.

    • Hello,

      You're welcome. It is always nice to hear positive voices in this dark era.

      I will do my best to make the world a little greener. I wish you the same.

      ONNN is also developing high voltage transistors to enable more efficient power conversion (10% increase in efficiency). So less energy consumption.
      You see, even this company is contributing to the good cause :-).

      It was very nice conversating with you via this message board.

      Kind Regards,

    • Hey friend across the pond,

      Thanks for the green link, and it really makes sense to me now. People on this planet have much much more in common than the difference.

      Be green, clean and lean in 2009 and beyond....

      Best regards,

    • Hey!

      Who leaking big secret ON plan for soda pop fizz from clean coal C02!?!? Now ON-mart stock rising!!!!

      Blah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey!

      Maybe Keiths can buying up soda pop plant and using C02 to making fizzy sugary drinks for childrens!!!! Is brilliant idea! Soon ON will be On-Mart of technology world!!!!

      Only Romanian intellegents can coming up with such ideas!!! Is real reason Keiths buying Catalyst!!!! Not $30M in cash in bank to pay off debt!! Not great trailing edge technology of low density EEPROMs!!! Not cracked mucketing team lead by Brit guy Brown-nose!!!
      Not Sales dept lead by oldest VP in galactic empire!!!! Only because of top ranking brainys of Romanians!!! Remembering those guys running technology and engineering at Catalysts!!?!?!? Where are they nowing?!?!? Working on top secret Romanian thingys of courses!!!

      Blah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ah, now I've found out that there are people with the same believes on the other side of the atlantic ocean!

      Changing the energy production into sustainable environmental friendly production will be the challenge of this century. I hope wind and solar will be the dominant production methods. It's possible, but thanks to the bankers a lot of possible means are diverted to their banking system.
      I hope some there will be some money left to invest in alternative energy as your president is planning.

      About green coal or clean coal. I've found a link :

      I think the problematic point will be the storage of carbon-dioxide in a permanent matter. I assume it is largely impossible.

      Kind Regards

    • Yes, times are changing. I am also a green believer. Wind and solar energy ultimately have to become alternatives to oil and coal. But recently I heard about a phrase which drives me crazy. It is called clean coal! How could you burn dark dirty coal, and at the same time keep it clean?

      Have a good one. Good luck with your green investments.

    • Sure. Times are changing. The worse but perhaps also the better in the future. Personally I hope that robber management will fade away. In Europe top-bankers feel already the pressure to temper their greed a little. Now the captains of industry have to be pursuaded.

      In the past I bought ONNN shares because I believed in that company. I saw a lot of creativity and me myself has put a lot of effort in there.

      But if you see the top only being interested in filling their pockets in the short term...
      It's merely an abuse of the organisation.

      I sold all shares. Now I'm in wind and solar energy.
      It fits more with my values. Some of these company shares have grown with 55% in 1 month during these bad periods. EPS is low and a lot of grow is possible. For a taste see Nordex AG (NDX1).

      Have a good one!


    • How many more employees have to be laid off so fat bastard can get his next raise?

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