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  • marketposition marketposition Oct 27, 2009 4:41 PM Flag

    Wht will earning bring?

    How pathetic that the only argument FOR this stock is to slander those who speak poorly of it.

    I've been saying the same things about this stock for years and if you'd have paid attention, you'd see that I've been right the entire way. This stock will NEVER be a long term investment by anyone as it'll never be allowed to get above $10/share without management dumping their shares of diluting stock value by printing out a bunch of new shares. This stock originally had 130million it's over 400million and the company STILL has boatloads of debt. You may be making the moves it needs to survive, but those moves don't increase shareholder value at all since they constantly dilute shareholder value. Furthermore, this company has to buy its revenue to protect sales...which is the opposite of what cramer says he looks for...which is increasing organic sales and margin. Even more pathetic is how this company avoids that topic while spewing on conference calls yacking about the accounting moves it makes to boost the profit number they report...and IMO, currency rates, tax benefits by writing down tons of losses, and bragging about increasing the oddball marketshare in a worsening market isn't exactly what I'm looking for in a winner stock.

    So, go ahead and try to trash talk me all you want if bullshitting yourself is what you need to do to justify buying this toilet paper, but year in and year out, you'll see I'm correct on this stock. And, yes, sometimes this stock will be profitable to own because the management is so predictable in doing what they any time the stock drops below $5, you can find an entry point, but sure as shit, you'd better unload that garbage as it approaches $10 and the management jettisons their holdings and/or the company decides it's the high value time to print out more shares to replace lost revenue.

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    • about Onnn for years, why are you still here with guns blazing. For me, I've had a few dogs that I sold with a small profit/loss never to return.

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      • I'll tell you why. ONNN is very cyclical and predictable. So, there's always a clear entry and exit point. ONNN's management always takes advantage of this by placing new shares at high points, as well as, it's officers unloading their shares, at even marginal profits, during these high points.
        What I find necessary to do is pop the balloon of all the long term investors who desperately try to prop up this stock when it's aching to drop during its down cycle.

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