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  • turd.trader turd.trader Mar 29, 2007 1:09 PM Flag

    Merits of plastic substrates

    "NASA and the Air Force are backing the wrong horse."

    These organizations have unlimited funds, they don't give a $hit who's technologies they use, they just want to do their job, make their living etc.

    You, Me, we... I give a $hit... we, I, just want to be on the "Right Side" of the trade.

    WTF, the stock made it's move, now it pulls back for the facts to unfold, that's if they ever do.

    Had ASTI posted real financial Numbers @ E-Signal so I could have reasonably valued it, I would have bought 5000 shares of it; but, it didn't and as of today still doesn't. So, IMHO, phuck it, too much risk Vs. reward for "ME".

    Good Job, to Anybody who made some money.

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