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  • toughernow02 toughernow02 Apr 4, 2006 4:20 PM Flag

    Anyway, FIBBY and LONGS...another link

    and update to consider. You never know when the news will hit the 'wires'...DOR certainly doesn't PR every upcoming conference and 'news' break...that's for sure...So, maybe we'll get a PR before and or shortly on RIVAX or sometime in between these 2 conferences. Boy, a little more government funding news on RIVAX would be a great thing to have just before the NDA filing for ORBEC...and how about this they (both conferences) fall in between the so-called 45-60 day wait period we have to wait now on ORBEC. Crazy. But, you never know. Not saying it's on purpose on DOR's part. AND, hell...what about BOT vaccine withDow Biopharma ? Seems like thta news should come at some point in the not so distance future????

    The Vaccine Discovery and Commercialization Conference | May 23-26, 2006 will strive to provide participants with valuable insight on emerging platforms being explored to design effective next generation vaccines, innovative technologies for vaccine delivery, clinical trials and vaccine production issues, regulatory compliance and facilitate constructive dialogue to ferment strategic outlines for vaccine discovery and commercialization. The keynote presentation �Office of Vaccines Research and Review, CBER, FDA: Partnerships & Pandemics� will be delivered by Norman W. Baylor, PhD, Office of Vaccines Research and Review, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, US Food and Drug Administration. Other notable presenters include Una S. Ryan, PhD, President & CEO, Avant Immunotherapeutics, Allan P. Jarvis, SVP, Corporate Development, Sanofi Pasteur, David Kaslow, MD, Chief Scientific Office, Vical and Jeffrey J. Stoddard, MD, FAAP, Senior Director, Medical Affairs, MedImmune Vaccines. Solvay Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, PowderMed, Merck Research Laboratories, Argos Therapeutics, Emergent BioSolutions, CEL-SCI Corporation, DOR Biopharma, ACE BioSciences A/S, Chiron Corporation, IDM Pharma, Inc. and BioSante Pharmaceuticals will present further industry perspectives.

    ANYWAY, STILL HOLDING AND STAYING LONG & STRONG DOR...I GUESS 2 months or less is not that much longer to wait it out for this 'particualr' news for 'swing traders' that is...if not longer..for my timeframe. LOL. Have a good one!!! Hhow about that 300 share paint the tape trade at the end of the day? Crazy.

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    • Thanks Chase. Yes, I will see you there.

    • 02
      My wife has a frend at her work that went threw what you have. And I did know that was what you were saying (See you at the party) this summer

    • Thank you Chase. That was my point. I was not attacking the entire culture just the terrorists that kill innocent people ALL OF THE WORLD and or degrade them. I don't know how many times I've said it and apologized to board members for perhaps offending some of moderate beliefs in the community. I was angry that day about the attacks in London, Spain and NYC and everywhere else. And yes I despise people that kill anyone in the name of 'god'. Enough already about this subject. Your time on this MB should be better spent attacking and bashing the company on its fundementals and not attacking people for their personal beliefs and why they despise radical islamist terrorists. I doubt most on this board regard the lot of them with any degree of esteem or have any sympathy for their demented cause; except obviously for you. Why do you waste time posting this over and over again??? And no less on an MB who's company is developing vaccines to counter and prevent any type of hideous evil terrorists attack in this country or abroad. Very odd indeed.

    • I used to date a gal who had an older Golden Retreiver - a female. Every spring I'd walk Goldie (original, eh?), down to the culdesac and we'd walk a path thru the woods that opened up onto a small flood plain of sorts with a tiny stream going thru the middle of it. The stream had cut itself about 2 feet below ground level and wasn't 18" wide. But could I get Goldie to make that tiny little jump? No way. While she loved water, she was absolutely paralyzed to take a step across that tiny stream. So I'd have to cross it and keep going, walking away from her and saying C'mon Goldie, C'mon Goldie you can do it!

      Finally, she figured out that if she didn't cross she'd get left behind. She always found the courage to cross but Lordy she made a big deal out of it.

      Same thing's happening with DOR. We're sitting above a gap that was created on the way up and there's strategery in its location. We'll cross it, and when we do we'll be back on track.

      For the gurus who think we've been screwing around laying in a bottom - LOL.

      • 1 Reply to fib_1618
      • Hah...I love walking around in streams....I really, really, loved it as a kid (and a girl no less following my dad's lead of course, he always told me I could accomplish anything I ever set my sights on; no mattter if I was "girl" far so good). Anyway, .getting back to trying to walk in a 'stream' ; ie.... Up in Vermont on the Battenkill where my family and I used to venture up to and go camping and fly fishing way back when... Although predicatble and not always 'stream-like' the Battenkill (appropraitely named)..It was sometimes, a friggin' roaring river depending where the point you ventured in on it.... It was always insane and fun. "A 'wave' ride in a way. Have you ever gone 'fly fishing' FIBBY???...It takes absolute patience. And, if you had aptience you could catch some very big and delicious "trout" ...If you just had real patience. And sadly, I think some on this board do not. Which, in the end I hope, makes my odds in a 'weird' and 'risk'' assestment way better on DOR. How about that for a 'metaphor' tonight 'ol friend???. OT: Orvis made tremendous rods/gear back in the day.