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  • dogdayevening dogdayevening Apr 5, 2006 9:57 AM Flag

    Anyway, FIBBY and LONGS...another link

    << Pray tell us also why you have to use such a filthy mouth and threaten people.>>

    You mean like this:

    by: toughernow02 (40/F/LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA)
    Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 09/16/05 11:08 am
    Msg: 17314 of 30264
    And you are right...I HATE all ISLAMIC/MUSLIM fundamentalists, with everything I have inside...I think they are all a bunch of INSECURE, DICKLESS ENUCHS AND UNEDUCATED you are damn right about my hate for that culture of PIGS....the ones that call themselves moderates are the BIGGEST JOKE and duplicitous bastards of all cause they just stand by sucking each others dicks as their EVIL BROTHERS kill innocebnt people all over the world. GO F YOURSELF..and dan rathair while you're at POS!

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