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  • pharmainvestor pharmainvestor Mar 24, 1999 9:16 AM Flag

    Aries Fund is buying!!!

    I can smell those guys miles away!! Just take a
    look at insider buying on Yahoo!.

    They bought
    30K in February... For insturctional purposes you may
    want to take a look at what they did with


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    • if you want to see more systematic insider buying
      go to {AVXT}. This same man is buying up all of that
      company also. Something has got to be up. I bought some
      {DOR} friday just because of this. Check out {LOCH} I
      have a ton of it.

    • sure to put ENDOREX or DOR in subjct line...otherwise you most likely will be deleted and not read....BLSH(buy low-sell high)

    • ....that the buyer is now buying 4500 shares a
      day. If you want to discuss DOR further, I invite you
      to write me at I'll try to to
      reply within 24 hours by e-mail. Happy trading....Buy
      low-sell high.

    • I'm buying 2000 shares a day now too. I don't
      care if it takes a year for him to sell the company.
      Gotta be selling the whole company. Did you ever see so
      much systematic insider buying over such a long period
      of time?

    • Stay with Endorex. Have you gone to Endorex.Com
      and checked out their technology link. Look what they
      have in the pipeline. Also you should be aware that
      they are in joint ventures with Elan Pharmaceuticals (
      ELN ). They are a MAJOR Irish pharm co. In Ireland
      the maximum corp tax is 10%. So profit Means

      Oh, in your Yahoo Bio it says your a stripper. Are
      you?? Do you work anywhere in the Northeast???

    • you must be selling the company. I thought this
      over and realized that since you, and now I, are the
      only ones loading up on DOR stock, you must be crazy,
      stupid, or have a sure thing here. Well, I doubt you
      would plunk down millions on stock you can't sell
      without buyers, therefore you either plan on selling the
      company or plan some sort of pr scam. The stock moved up
      from $2 to $3 with one press release but that is not
      enough for you to sell 4,000,000 plus shares. I could
      dump my shares with that story but the only way you
      can get out is if you sell the company. I also doubt
      that you want to pay tax on your profits this year so
      the sale must be scheduled for after January

      It looks like you'll buy anytime someone sells for
      $1 3/4 or less. So there must be some "good" bogus
      negative news release planned so you can load up cheaper
      right before you sell the company. If the news of the
      sale leaks out early you still win so you are in a win
      win position. Well, I can wait it out longer than
      you. How about posting something here to let me know
      you're out there?

    • every day for six months could post something here just for the hell of it. When are you going to sell the company already ace?

    • Looks like big news will come out in November. Why would anyone buy 2000 shares every day for six months? When will that patent be ok'd?

    • .....sorry about your losses, but anybody who
      studies the filings and knows anything about Rosenwald,
      his on and offshore Aries 'hedge' funds and Paramount
      Capital, should know that a BIG red flag is flapping in
      the wind.

      It is also unfathomable that
      Tempero, with his record, would cowtow to
      Paramount.....which also means potential bad news.

      Good Luck!

    • imagine what could be going on. There was no
      volume at all today until 1:20PM. Coincidentally, right
      at that time the company came out with a news
      announcement on the progress of their oral vaccine. I'm sure
      that had nothing to do with the spike in volume,

      I just can't figure it out.

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