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    • Now that the rumor floating on the MVIS board for many months is in print with "Business Week", is there any point in the two companies not acknowledging the relationship? However, it seems to me that Canon, being the customer for MVIS' technology, has the final say in when news is released. Canon's not denying the relationship speaks volumes. :)

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      • Nothereoften,

        It looks like the cat is out of the bag

        <<Microvision's proprietary miniature display technology projects full-motion, high-resolution images using just three Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to create a spot of light that is reflected off of a vibrating mirror on a micromechanical silicon chip. The tiny mirror rapidly scans a single beam of multi-colored light through a small lens to project, into the viewer's eye, a full-color video image of the apparent size and resolution of a notebook or laptop display screen. Because of the relative simplicity of the tiny silicon chip that is at the heart of Microvision's display, the company believes that its retinal scanning display technology can produce very high quality images at much lower costs than competing miniature flat panel display technologies.

        According to Microvision, current prototypes of the technology produce high-resolution Super VGA (800 X 600) images with extraordinary dynamic range and unmatched color reproduction. >>

        Canon investors (and fellow partners), the above excerpt from the news release is a brief summary of just one of Microvision's products. Why is this such a big deal for Canon? I invite you do read my explanation here

        as well as all the other recent posts on yahoo's MVIS board, to learn more. Just be aware that many posters there are interested in seeing the stock price go down, and are on a campaign to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. When so-called facts or questions are raised originally by these shorts, many of the long time followers of Microvision will address the question, and respectfully explain how the statement is in error. But the shorts continue to post the same misinformation, restated over and over. When a civil conversation is not possible, what option is left? If a poster states a "fact" and no one responds, the most likely reason is that they have been placed on "ignore". Trust your own instincts, and do your own due diligence, then decide for yourself what the truth is.

        Welcome aboard!

    • >>DECEMBER 16, 2002


      Sharpening Microvision's Focus

      Gene Marcial


      Sharpening Microvision's Focus

      Microvision (MVIS ), trading at 5.65 a share, may not stay a micro-cap for long. So say some investors who are excited by the company's miniaturized optical scanning-and-imaging technology--which has attracted Boeing, Canon, Johnson & Johnson, BMW, and medical-device maker Stryker. They are partners in developing new products--from displays mounted on the helmets of helicopter pilots to miniature opticals in digital cameras and wireless phones. CEO Richard Rutkowski explains that, in a digital camera, Microvision's scanner can provide a better full-color image in the viewfinder than can be seen on a laptop computer screen. He says this ability to show an image at its print resolution as a photographer snaps a picture will make it the digital camera of the future. Sources say Microvision is set to sign an agreement with Canon for use of Microvision's technology. Paul Sethi of Vertical Ventures, which owns shares, says the company has yet to make money, but he sees sales rising to $18 million this year and $30 million in 2003. Sethi expects Microvision to post profits in 2004, with sales jumping to $50 million.<<

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