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  • JWBOilT JWBOilT Jan 31, 2005 11:11 AM Flag

    This company gets NO RESPECT

    on wall street. Canon has show consistent growth, even during shitty times, with good margins, and it gets no respect. Its valuations are way cheap. It has a pristine balance sheet, outstanding management, and a huge, diversified product line.

    Some day the street will notice.

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    • Agree, sooner or later value will prevail, but could take some time. I continue to trade in and out of this but I'm sure there will come the day when it finally makes a decisive move upwards. Over the past couple of months trades of 10K and more seem to be increasing.....somebody is acquiring shares.

    • There are 3 problems with caj. 1.It trades according to the nikkei and on very low $ vol for a 40B market cap co. 2. The japanese market has underperformed for so long and so have most japanese stocks. 3. Yes, it is extraordinarily inexpensive by any valuation metric. But inexpensive stocks can remain inexpensive for a very long time and exensive stocks can remain expensive for an equally long time. I think the perception is that caj sells copmmodity products and doesn't have much in the way of intellectual property. No ipods, no wonder drug, etc. I know the perception is wrong but investors don't see it my way. I'm think of selling my caj today. If their great earnings can't raise share price more than a percent or so is there any significant hope for future price appreciation,

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