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  • wizkidkftwelve wizkidkftwelve Jan 12, 2007 1:10 PM Flag

    Canon's Crappy Products

    I have a Canon camcorder which died a long time ago due to faulty capacitors. I even paid $200 once to have an authorized service center fix it. It died again a short time later.
    Canon never made any attempt to "make it right".
    So, when my daughter bought a Canon camera for xmas, despite her thoughtfulness I sure as hell wasn't going to own another Canon product. I asked her to take it back.
    Canon, screw me once, shame on you. And thats all you get from me,,a$$holes!

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    • Canon's digital cameras and optics are the best you can buy, period.

    • Funny, I bought a Canon F1 in 1973. Got sand in it a couple years later and Canon rebuilt it for free. Still have it and use it and could sell it for a lot more than I paid for it over 30 years ago. Now look at every HD TV braodcast cameras are canon or Canon lens.

    • At least try to write something youself (jusk kidding, I know you are illiterate)

    • You screwed your daughter, each company has a niche and then dabbles into other products which they have no business to be in. Canon's niche right now is digital cameras. They have probably the best and most reliable digital camera on the market.

      I speak from experience as I do not own the stock, but I'm watching very carefully here, because Canon's digital camera sales have been very good.

      With that said I'm sure Canon has several camera models that are not as good as other, once again you need to know what you are buying. Consumer Reports and other similar oganizations provide very helpful info in this regard.

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