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  • chryslerbuilding12 chryslerbuilding12 Jan 31, 2013 11:08 PM Flag

    Portables Q/A audio link

    youtube: /watch?v=yCXGtU7_uv0

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    • Thanks for your effort and your willingness to share. I could not quite make out the response to your question (near time index 39:00) regarding ZOOM's interest in acquiring more of Portables and their willingness to sell (i.e. might some of the 32 mln be going for more Portables?). Did they seem willing to sell at the right price or determined to remain owners? What impression did they leave?

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      • Re Mesa: What I heard in the Q/A session was that Portables does not intend to sell any more of the company. I am guessing that the cost of any new distribution centers that will be openning will be jointly shared by Portables & Zoom.
        FYI, the Camper Q2 phone I received from A. Chan came from his office in Nanuet, NY 10954. Chan has his office at Portables. A. Chan is not a citizen of China. He is a US citizen.

    • Chrysler: Thanks for the link. It helps clear a few things up, but the answers to the remaining questions these people hope to get for you will be even more helpful, especially about SpreadZoom.
      Thank you for your efforts!

    • Thank you for the work, much appreciated!

    • That was awesome man...thanks. Some of us just complain of not getting went out and got some. I don't expect it to pop the stock price that much...but it does help guide investors on what to expect with time. If nothing else...your interview lowered the chance that Zoom is a flat out fraud. I wasn't even sure if YOU were legit...but you did a good job. Portable's management seem much more down to earth...with good common sense than i expected. Again...thanks for the info.

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      • Thanks, I gotta say if I'd known my voice sounded so loud and abrasive near the mic I would've moved the comp from in front of me, but I guess people can deal with it. You know I wanted to put in a paragraph explaining my visit but as usual Yahoo was glitching. Hopefully this goes through.

        Both the CEO Raja and COO Larry were super down to earth, helpful, competent guys. The Portables headquarters had a nice feel, well adorned etc because apparently a lot of distributor-related meetings happen there. P. Wong and A. Chan apparently are in on a regular basis, A. Chan actually has an office of his own. The big surprise is that there is really no issue on management's end with providing shareholders answers, and answers on Spreadzoom are forthcoming--Mr. Amar even called Mr. Chan and talked to him about getting some answers to Spreadzoom-related questions, as well as fixing up the website. Suspicions are confirmed that there really is just a disconnect between Zoom management's everyday business operations and investor relations, but as I said these guys seem keen on bringing up issues laid out here with Zoom management. Overall I'm very happy with what they said, especially as related to Metro-PCS, Go Mobile, which are essentially 2 new market price points for T-Mobile Portables will now receive commissions on without additional investment, and the plans for Zoom's funds moving forward--they know the idea here is to turn cash directly into margins, and that seems to be the immediate plan. Portables has the infrastructure to acquire many more distributors and essentially downsize acquired back-office personnel 100%, which is a big way that they said cash on hand now could=immediate margins. They were clear that the cash from the sub sale will be only used for ebitda-producing companies, which is a huge relief. Further US operations, pending big-name deal, and earnings growth all = institutional investors, which is really what every shareholder should be hoping for. Mr. Melchionda (COO) was very clear that the low-price point Go Mobile does not require T-Mobile approval to sell Zoom phones, which is good news for prompt US distribution. Also at least we got confirmation that the Spreadzoom factory is close to operational, and there is no further legal dispute over the factory. Overall I'm really happy with the results of this. I feel much more confident that Zoom has a bright future ahead soon.

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