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  • djhmk2 djhmk2 Apr 1, 2013 6:27 PM Flag

    If ZOOM sells SpreadZoom

    ZOOM could go private in a heartbeat given the number of shares held by insiders. Portables is already 49.5% private now. The way they are managing investor relations it appears they want to go private and quite frankly they should go private.The price per share would need to be decent to avoid multiple law suits.

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    • NT 10-K filed April 1, 2013 lists Calif phone number (650) 868-8191. Anthony Chan returned my message!!
      Cannot disclose anything not already public. 180-day Nasdaq $1 requirement due in late May, could get
      another 180 days if needed, (hopefully sale will be completed by then and $$ will be received.)
      The fact that they have a local number and that he called back is a good thing.
      Those who are patient will be rewarded!

    • You may be right but I would just like a straight answer regarding SpreadZoom. I attended the CES in Las Vegas and contacted Zoom to see if someone would be at the booth registered to SpreadZoom to explain the business. The only staff at the both knew (or was willing to say..) nothing regarding SrpeadZoom.
      The only phones were the existing Zoom phones at that time.

      If SpreadZoom is involved in the new high end phones with SPRD chipsets we need to know this. I will contact Anthony and Patrick and request they include this discussion in the year end conference call that should happen in mid April.

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      • Reply to phx : Contacting Chan & Wong would be a good idea. I doubt if ZOOM will get involved in the high end phones because their top tier market is 3G smartphones at best due to the expense of the high end stuff like Apple has. The Zoom market focused on affordable phones for China & Asia. ZOOM has already said they will not compete with Apple on the high end phones because they do not have the market for them. They will be selling Apple iphones thru Portables.
        The SpreadZoom factory is a true mystery & so are the potential acquisitions planned in the USA. I understand the hush over what the acquisition plan is, but this factory ordeal concerning SpreadZoom looks like a cover up for some reason ( the current excuse for the SpreadZoom factory delay is a labor dispute, but I am not buying that line).
        I think getting assets liquidated in China was a good idea given intense competition & thin margins. Being a distributor appears to need less investment & more profit whether in the USA with Portables or in China & Asia. They do not need 1800 employees as they have had to distribute phones

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