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  • goddadingdarnit goddadingdarnit Jul 17, 2013 12:18 AM Flag

    Leo Gu

    I don't think he is a real person, but a creation of Anthony Chan. Notice Gu name is not even in 8K. Notice Wong signs off on the 8k. I think this was a way for Chan to dump his shares without filing. And Wong isn't hurt by it one bit.

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    • His name is no where, How come Gu have nothing to say about Chan leaving, Wong coming. How come Zoom website has not been updated in over 3 years? Where is the pic of the new building shareholders lied to since day 1. Chan I bet is still quite close to Benny Van. Both laughing and giggling pool side.

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      • I sure don't know, but what I'm saying is others much closer...with much more to lose...had to know the CEO Mr. Gu is not real. Why would Mr. Chan leave now and with Wong holding the bag. Why not make up huge revenue, earnings and outlook...and cash out $2-$3/share? If you know you're going out with complete CEO scam, make the lie story much better before leaving. He's already in big trouble if the fake CEO claim is true...right? If the claim is true then Mr. Chan can't hide that forever.

    • Also wouldn't Zoom's chairman of the board be in on such a scam? Seems he'd have a lot to lose.

      "Chang Shan, Director. Mr. Shan has been an independent director of the Company since August 2008. Mr. Shan is currently the President of the China Institute of Geotechnical Investigation and Survey, at which he has been employed since 1998. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors from 1999 to present, of the China Infrastructure Holdings Ltd., a company in the construction business with a particular emphasis on toll bridges, and has its shares listed on the Singaporean Stock Exchange. Mr. Shan is also a director of the Bank of Tianjin, China since 2007. Mr. Shan holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Shanghai Tong Ji University, a Master's degree in Engineering from the China Academy of Railway Sciences and an EMBA from the Tsinghua University. Based on Mr. Shan experience in corporate governance and leadership, we believe that Mr. Shan is well qualified to serve on our Board."

    • And also...why would Chan worry about a filing about insider share sales...if he made up the entire company story? His worries would be much larger than insider share sales!!! Also...Wong would have to be part of the made up CEO story too.

    • So in other words...Spreadtrum's management was had too...since they took a large percentage share position years ago. I have to admit though...I've never seen or heard Gu myself.