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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 Mar 23, 2012 9:25 PM Flag

    Nice finish to end the week

    Yes I do.

    I work for a man who was once tied to a post and some guys took sticks with leather thongs tied to it; and the thongs had bits of sharp stones and metal imbedded in them, and they whipped him with those until his intestines started to poke through his back. Then they put his feet together and drove a single nail through them into a rough sawn timber and nailed his outstretched hands to a crossing timber and hung him up. And he couldn't breath unless he pushed himself up with his lacerated back scraping against that rough timber and all his weight supported by that nail through his feet. But he couldn't hold that position for long; just long enough to get a breath or two, and then he'd have to let himself back down, back scraping against rough wood, and then he'd have to breath again so back up he'd push himself against that nail, up and down, up and down, for six excrutiating, agonizing hours. But why? He was innocent of all sin, and he didn't have to do it. But he went through with it anyway. They killed him because he said he was God in the flesh.

    There were once people who would bring lambs to the temple and they would lay their hands on them and then cut their throats. The idea was that their sins would be transferred to the innocent animal and their sins would die with the animal. They did this every year for fear that they would die in their sins. That's what it is really ALL about, isn't it? One day we're going to die; die with all of the sins we've done. Imagine, your on your death bed; where did the time go, you ask?. Your thinking about all your regrets, the ways you hurt people and the things you should have done to help others, to ease someone's pain, their broken hearts, the homeless you didn't invite to dinner. Your thinking your life was in vain, it was for nothing.

    At the end of Ecclesiates, Solomon after exploring all ways of vain life concludes "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man."

    And so it is.

    My master said he was God's sacrifice, the lamb of God. The perfect sacrifice, a self-sacrifice, for all, all who believe and obey.
    Everyone decides about him. There are 3 choices really, 1)he was a liar, 2) he was crazy, or 3) he is what he says. I've read all that was said by many authors thru thousands of years and it all fits. I believe he is who he said. I choose to believe in him and obey him. I have been buried with him in water and risen a new person. Now he will defend me in the end; he is my sacrifice for sin. I work for him, I belong to him, I cannot turn a blind eye to sin.

    So go ahead and ridicule me; I am not ashamed.

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