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  • krug82 krug82 May 25, 2012 10:43 PM Flag

    What I enjoyed

    What I enjoy is walking around with my aviators and getting asked twice today where I got them by strangers. Everyone in the Boston area has Beats or some sort of earbuds, but have embraced wearing headphones or earbuds and would love to be a little different. As Skullcandy goes a little more mainstream, the future is bright. What a cool little company.

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    • I think the aviators are a glimpse into what this company can be - they are such a better product offering than the sub 30$ buds like inkd and stuff - I understand using those as gateway headphones but I think they basically admitted that the aviator was so popular that they are keeping it around and launching it in new colors in the last con call -

      Similar experience... everyone I show mine to says I want those where did you get those? And that's before they hear them. Beats has a following no doubt - but i think they have pigeonholed themselves to some extent in the hip hop category much like red bull piegonholed themselves in the Euro-club redbull and vodka catergory - and they left themselves open to be outflanked by a more blue collar consumer which is exactly what Monster did. I am not even saying SKUL can outflank Beats or that they are more blue collar, they definitely have to execute and they need some OEM deals, but I think based on what I have seen on advertising and branding that the opportunity is there. The first time I ever saw a pair of beats they were on sale at the counter at Nordstrom for $300 - not very blue collar....

      If i make some $$ on this go around I will be buying a pair of mixmasters with the dough aka the Kevin Durant's...

      Probably the real future is the Hesh 2 - a beautiful designed over ear that splits the difference beween an avaitor and a 25$ pair of headphones... that 60$ price point is whats going to allow them to take over market share and I think they know that ...

      Turtle -


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