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  • toddhawley toddhawley Jun 3, 2012 2:24 PM Flag

    Analyst Opinion and Share Accumulation

    Greetings fellow Skul Heads-

    After researching SKUL further, I am convinced this is going to be a very fast moving upward trend that could occur at any time. The radar is set in place for many watchers of the stock, while many have been amassing within the price window around $13/share. See article here:

    In addition to a short squeeze of what I project to be around 12Million shares presently, insiders have made direct purchases of 500K anticipating what is to come.

    Present FY earnings are expected to be around $1.16-$1.20 which is a 59% increase from last year. This should establish a price of between $22-$30/share with the momentum of the race to BTC with the short side of the market combined with committed longs while 70% of the security is occupied by Institutions.

    And Finally:

    For this reason, I would encourage all traders to remain long and hold. The triggering event will be coming soon.

    Best Regards and Good Fortune-

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    • I learn so much from you guys. Seriously, good debate as always. Thanks.

    • Good call... Looks like I sold too early!

    • There is a bounce coming-

      I do agree with many things you say, but 'they' are very actively and aggressively pursuing the matter. The entire global economy seems to be riding on the threat of default of Greece and Spain both. Even China is concerned.

      Tomorrow or Wedsday there will be news and the beginning of a 'bounce'. Whether it maintains?! ?

    • Well, if you're in it for a several month haul, and willing to really wait, then OK. I suggest, if you haven't already, though that you really take a look at what is going on in Greece.

      The fringe left is making a lot of waves over there. The last poll, by the conservative paper there showed they had a lead.

      Imagine a bunch of occupy protesters suddenly in charge of the govt. and you will see what I mean.

      They promise to tear up the austerity agreement and hold the rest of the european banking system hostage if they do not get what they want. The Greeks are very unhappy with austerity — like cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face unhappy and things are very volatile right now. To make things WORSE, the Greeks have a law that prohibits the publishing of political polls for 2 weeks prior to elections, so no one has a clue as to who is ahead and we won't know until after the elections, and THEN we have to see if they can actually form a govt.

      Remember what happened in our own country. Nothing came of the standoff, but that didn't stop a MASSIVE sell-off. Remember what happened in Nov. with problems on France and Greece. I'm telling you its not a good time to buy. WAIT until the mess hits the fan big time.

      Just my two cents.

      Good luck all. I am at heart a long. I believe in prosperity and growth.

    • We all must consider the fact that the Greece problem will be resolved; the resistance is just the 'terms' of resolve, but it will undoubtedly come to terms soon.

      In addition, whether anyone likes it or not, QE3 will be taking place. New tops will be seen in both budget and deficit.

      The current decline is subtle in contrast to the markets reaction. It's a restructuring and re-balancing.

      The upcoming economic indicators for the week are very insignificant in their type. Crude Inventories will be about the only affect on the market and it's expected to be increased, thus the decline in oil today. The perspective can be viewed both positive and negative.

      This is simply a 'correction' in the short term. There is no doubt however that we may see global markets following suit, but will rise on the resolve of Greece and news of an approaching probability in the QE3.

      Thus, yes I believe we can see the markets turn positive very soon. My guess would be a Dow evening out at around 12,400

      Good Luck Longs- Any dips in SKUL should be perceived as 'good'. This will help to initiate an upward trend of covering.

    • I would love to see a big upside, but in three weeks time you could see the biggest general selloff since last August if Europe doesn't get its act together. If the DOW drops below 11,000, how could what you are saying be possible? You saw what happened when the american congress flirted with default. Do you think the commies in Greece are going to care one iota about a collapse in the general market when they play chicken with Merkel? There is no good news for the general markets in sight!

    • ONEPOINT to be made-

      Some of the largest triggers have often been a price dip that you speak of. It causes volatility and momentum. In this particular case, it would be short covering and reversals to the long side.

      Here is a very nice chart displaying this type of volatility:;range=1m;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

      As you can see, the volatility is GOOD. Both Shorts and Longs are making money including a very nice progressive upward trend in the recent.

      Thus, Yes; I would not mind a 'dip' at all into the price range that you would like to see. It will be short lived, perhaps only for minutes in the price range with automated limit and buy trades prior to it's reversal.

      As for your comment on the Institutions and Funds; this is hardly NOT noteworthy in lowering of the float. It is SIGNIFICANT!

      All in all, they are in better shape than before the March 31 registered JPM/affiliate selloff.

      GO LONGS! SKUL is primed for HUGE MOVEMENT!

    • Yeah, I guess we just have different investment styles. I just started taking a position and use weakness to add to it. Because I believe in the fundamentals (which I know you do not) I am averaging down and will sell down the road, have more of a 1-2 year horizon. So, if it goes to 10 in short term, then great! I will buy more because I believe in the future. If it goes to 20, or higher (which I know you never think it will) then I will have to weigh selling and paying ordinary income versus capital gains. I think this is a neat little company with a bright future (yes, I know you do not). That's all. And ignoring you wasn't meant to be personal, or because you have a short position, it's just I personally don't see a lot of value in what you write for my investment style, that's all. Good luck, I really do hope you get to your 10 a share, I will be the guy on the other side of the trade.

    • If it gets below 10 the red cross gets a hundo - don't forget -

      I don't know if Friday was accumulation or Distribution but it was definitely a very interesting divergence - lets see if it continues since it looks like the market is gonna get whacked again tomorrow -

      Turtle -

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