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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Jul 24, 2012 2:32 PM Flag

    Astro A50 gaming headset (by Skullcandy) review

    Remember folks, it's not all about the Hesh 2 or ear buds. They make gaming headsets (and some of the best available) too!

    Go long - be strong - go SKULnation

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    • Name calling was the religious tirade you went on a few months ago where you branded me the devil and skullcandy a pornographer that caters to helpless children. You later claimed that you were goaded into this rant.

      Company will do nearly $300mm in revs this year. I am quite certain you have no idea about their branding approach. You have no connection to their core customer. You think its pornography. How can someone that says that claim to understand the brand at all?

    • I just can't resist a complete response:

      <<<The moon watching chartist is also a brand expert?>>>

      Good start. Let's us know right off that you've thrown intelligent debate out the window and are now resorting to namecaling.

      <<<They do $300,000,000 in mostly wholesale revenues you beartard.>>>

      I see 249M TTM but I'll give it to you. So, at $300M that's just under $11 per share. Kinda puts things into perpsective doesn't it?

      <<<#1 in units.>>>

      No, not even close.

      <<<Do you think that was luck?>>>

      No, I think you are mistaken.

      <<<Have you ever built a business - and don't include lemonaide stands.>>>

      Yes, and I bet you have too; a virtual empire I'll bet. Now you've done it, I just can't get playwright Authur Miller's "The Death of a Salesman" out of my head.

      <<<Not easy.>>>>

      Agreed. But what does any of this have to do with liking Skulcandy's branding approach. Are you drunk?

      <<<I'm sure the slowest person at skullcandy could run mental laps around you.>>>

      I seriously doubt that.

      <<<Please say something smart if you respond.>>>

      You ARE drunk.

    • I believe you are way off on your statistics. Sony is the #1 seller of headphones.

    • That read well.

      • 1 Reply to shortbutzah
      • Good stuff...Obviously Skullcandy has their hands in a broad range of audio headset and gaming gear.

        The shorts just think they make plastic airline headphones.

        It will be interesting to see how well the earnings are on the 2nd. I am betting (with a large chunk of shares) and hoping that the street will reward them if the top line growth is there (bottom line has been holding up this earnings season for a majority of stocks but top line has been slim).

        If they can show growth and some positive forward guidance, then that 33 dollar price target is easily achievable. Add the short squeeze (which baffles me as the company and stock hasn't trended much below that 12 dollar range). You would think they would be looking at a company that has a deeper trend.

        I am long this stock, like their products, own their products, and like their branding approach.

        They have plenty of opportunities for growth in the industry and haven't yet pen iterated the foreign market yet.

        Go long - be strong - go SKULnation


        As Cramer says "buy and homework!" he should do his!!!

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