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  • mmitty60 mmitty60 Sep 13, 2012 4:14 PM Flag


    pure and simple. shorts run it down, will buy sub $12 and allow it to run up in the coming months.
    Longs and those who believe in buy and hold got the snot kicked out of em.
    You have no power over such corruption.

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    • It is not corruption exactly. It IS the way of free markets and has been going on since there has been markets. Whoever can concentrate capital into a market can control it. The trick is follow them, and as you say not "Buy and Hold". The following is from Duncan's book "Investment and Speculation in Stocks and Shares", 3rd editon, circa 1895:

      A long time may elapse before it dawns upon a person who thinks he has safely invested that he is poorer than he was, that his figs are thorns, and that he has built his financial house upon a foundation of sand. But the painful awakening is sure to come, and it is no consolation to know that he erred through childish ignorance and not through vanity or avarice.

      There are people who never like parting with an investment when once they have purchased it; a dangerous practice, since it is by holding on that money is lost, and by judicious changing of investments that money is made.

      On the other hand, there are investors who like to see their money grow faster than it would under ordinary circumstances; they like compound interest. And it is to be obtained. But before entering into a speculation the chances of gain and against the chance of loss must be carefully considered, and no proposal entertained unless the chances seem in favour of the operator.

      Naturally, if these chances arrive as predicted, the permanent speculator cannot gain so great an advantage as the temporary speculator.

      Hazardous as a temporary speculation may seem at first sight, its result is easier to foresee than that of a permanent speculation, and, therefore, if people wish to speculate at all, their transactions should be of a temporary nature as we shall show by our discussion of the subject in the next chapter.

    • thank you

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