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  • j.coolaid j.coolaid Sep 24, 2012 3:05 PM Flag

    Onepoint and advocating crooked activity

    needs a few more naked shorts to assist him in his efforts by what I read..Why does anybody give him credence when he advocates ILLEGAL #$%$....I would hope that the SEC would give him a knock on his door and/or investiggate his own trading....Whether one is a conservative(as I am) or a democrat(no doubt Onepoint), doesn't playing by the rules mean anything to what already sucks about politics?....The entire fabric of capitalism and our country's future rest on it.....

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    • apparently Mitt paying 14.1% and near 2 million(not including 3 million in donations!) now is the narrative of what's important(WRONG) while 47% paying a big fat zippo is what is good and FAIR...GAG ME!. We need spending at the federal level to be reigned in and a tax code that has some skin FROM ALL in the game with our country's policies..Dividing this country as Obama does daily is representative of the worst sort of President...It certainly contradicted his victory speech in 2008....pathetic in fact if ya go listen to it again....

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      • No matter the monetary system, the more money in circulation the more economic activity.

        With our debt based money system, every dollar that comes into existence, is debt. Look in your wallet, what does it say on that dollar bill? "Federal Reserve Note". It is a note, an IOU from the Federal Reserve Bank. The FRB owes you one dollar. You have in your wallet a debt instrument.

        The only way, I repeat, the ONLY way, money comes into existence is if someone signs on the bottom line; takes out a loan. Now, since private sector spending is contracting; the corporations and individuals are paying down debt because the banks expanded credit too much and now are reigning it in, and picking up bargain assets in the process, who then is left to sign on the bottom line? It has to be the government.

        It is total ignorance or deception, for our politicians to say we need to increase jobs, economic activity, and at the same time reduce government spending. If you reduce govt spending then the money supply continues to shrink as does economic activity. Lies, ignorance, and deception. The only winners are the banks. But this is nothing new under the sun. This chit has been going on since ancient times. The 10% rule the 90%.

        See the You Tube movie, "The Secret of Oz". It doesn't have to be this way. The people should have a free monetary system; not one controlled by the banks. We were duped in 1914 by the Federal Reserve Act and its sister act, the Federal Income Tax Act. It's ludicrous.

      • Coolaid, you apparently don't understand the difference between repubs and dems. The dems spend by taxing. The repubs spend by increasing the deficit. Which is more honest? Also, the repubs have clearly outspent the dems in our generation. Am I supposed to believe it will be different this time with a Romney administration?

        I never said I was a democrat. In fact I said I would have voted for Ron Paul. So, if anything I'm more libertarian, a true conservative, not in fact, a supporter of corporate socialism as the republicans. Given the dismal fact of a 2-party system though, I guess I'd have to go with the most honest party.

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