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  • rajoilprasad rajoilprasad Oct 18, 2012 2:10 PM Flag

    skul will meet expected earnings of 0.23

    last quarter they did ).24/sh with 72 MM$ revenue; surely they can do 0.23/sh with 70 MM$ revenue. So why stock is dropping like rock

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    • A problem I see is that this whole decline off of the 14.58 high was on fairly weak volume except for yesterday and maybe today. So it's coming into the lows on accelerating volume. Of course that's not good; I never like to see volume increasing coming into lows. I'd expect there will be some kind of capitulation and its too bad it hasn't happened yet. It's so close to the all-time lows and capitulation here could plunge it into new-low territory.

    • The pros are relentlessly bringing it down. There was a 1/2-way-down doji on October 15th suggesting you should find support at $11.51. I will wait to #$%$ the situation there. Baggies should just sell to the B(_)_) terds on any intraday bounce and pick it back up lower. This is real money guys, you don't owe anybody anything.

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      • Interesting, Yahoo labeled my word #$%$" as profanity; how about this (_)_)ess..

        Really it's a problem of demand; there isn't any. Price has to move lower to find demand; the price point where buyers believe they are getting a good price with low risk. The low of Sept 13th, $11.84, should be one of those price points.

        Intraday it's under the open. Good trading practice suggests not taking a long position under the open.

    • Tradeup, you think the double bottom will hold. Maybe, but this will be 7 times to the mat, 7 holes in the ice. If the volume is heavy, the weight of that will crash thru the already weakened ice. The bottom line is that it has built lots and lots of cause now to bust lower.

      Mike, you say you "shake your head" at the "chart stuff". I realize your speaking out of your ignorance, but its time to get with the program buddy. If your going to shake anything you should shake the dust off your feet; shake off the buy-and-hold myth. $15.73 was your obvious sell signal on the "chart" and you didn't take it. $13.60 was your next opportunity on the "chart" and again you didn't take it. Forget all those SI and earnings-result theories. Listen to the chart, I say, it's all there, no guessing required. Now your stuck, you can't sell here; it's in the middle of nowhere. You have to wait for an edge; a bounce to an edge. I hope you get it before the plunge. I hate seeing those #$%$ win.....they are out get you, you know.

      Unfortunately, the next edge, where the chart will reveal information, is likely at $11.84. It's a terrible place to be forced into a decision but you put yourself into this situation and now you should be prepared to act quickly to preserve your capital. You have to be mentally prepared to accept losses and do it confidently, knowing you can get back in at lower price.....if you so choose. Preservation of capital is job number one.

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      • I think this will hold, Multiple reasons but the short version is a lot more upward pressure than down at this point. Should be up from here.

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      • technical spectacle......what a one sided world you live by...There are things besides technicals for true "investors" to consider..They have been listed at nauseum...maybe the stock does drop some as you say, but your herd thinking of buy, buy, buy, or sell, sell, sell, everytime you suggest "if" all share "owners" were to take your advice, would have all the HUGE swings you imply WILL occur..It is self fulfilling IF large numbers live by the rules you promote...Oh, I forgot..You're the guy who touts relentless naked short selling as legitimate....lie cheat and steal with that if it meets your goals seems to be the mantra you spew ...some have no honor or integrity in the way they conduct themselves in todays world...that's how I view the Onepoint fwiw...

      • flip flopping wave surfer is back.. if he was long this is nothing but a shake out of weak hands before the ride up.

    • Believe this is a traders play right now. PPS just hit or is near double bottom which is a pattern it has repeated last two years. check chart...In my opinion any good earnings and this moves up quickly. High short interest will help drive the move. I expect short positions will be covering before earnings. JMHO

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    • I believe the same. In my opinion, anything less than 2Q will kill this stock. Investors want to see continued growth.

    • IMO... Second time a brokerage firm has sent bad news out to lower the stock. They are giving the shorts an opportunity to exit before they get burned and take a little profit.

      Shady at best in my opinion.

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