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  • rajoilprasad rajoilprasad Oct 22, 2012 12:00 PM Flag

    skull will miss big time

    skull goods are selling at 15% discount; If rev miss is 5% then it will likely to earn 0.16/sh; huge miss from current est; sell it now

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    • Will try to make this simple...Manufacturer sells it's products to retailer at set price. In this case Skull products to Target, Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. Target or anybody else (retailer) then puts a markup on the product and sells to the general public. In case light hasn't come on yet....If Target or any other retailer wants to sell skull products at a 10% mark up or 100% mark up it doesn't matter to Skull. They already got paid. Why do you think you can go to three different stores and see the same thing for three different prices. Price to consumer is set by retailer not manufacturer. Discounts and sales on popular items are often used as a way to draw customers into a store. Retailers such as Wallmart can often offer lower prices because they move a lot of product. They also leverage that into negoiating a lower price from the manufacturer.

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    • I don't have much doubt in saying they are going to miss or that guidance will be cut. I think it's safe to say that more than 99% of the shares held in this company are underwater. 36 cents lower and it will be fact that 100% of the shares are underwater. Oh sure it's been down to this level before, seven times in fact, but never this close to earnings. It is self evident what the market thinks of this company's future.

    • Spoken like a true short !

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