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  • bigturtle3 bigturtle3 Oct 22, 2012 12:49 PM Flag

    Navigators.... not too shabby...

    Gotta say as always was impressed by the navigators I bought on Saturday at the Apple store -

    The good:
    Interesting new color ( i bought the blue)
    Great sound - definitely as good if not better than the aviators
    Very very comfortable (on the ears) I dare say that these are more comfortable than the aviators despite having less surface space - I think you will see a lot of this new kind of "pad" ear design going forward -
    Very compact and simple to throw in my backpack

    The Bad:
    The ears are pretty comfortable but the top head frame takes a while to break in
    The ear cans are not very big so for a guy like me with a huge head I will probably always default to aviators
    Maybe I am reading it wrong but seems like the Navigators dont support the iphone5 which seems kind of dumb

    When I got there on a Saturday night there were literally 4 pairs of nav's left in the whole store (a lot more aviators on the shelf my pruchase brough them to 3 - blue was out) - that being said the shelf space for Skull was pretty bad - I wouldn't say it was bottom but pretty close to it - I was pretty amazed at how many new headphone companies seem to be out there (which i guess is the thread of competition) - Surprisingly the company with the best shelf space at the apple store was actually logitech which is a company (LOGI) i actually trade quite frequently - not sure if they paid for that space or not -

    All in all a very nice 100$ price point item with great design and great sound while also being very portable - well thought out - I like the Idea of an apple store exclusive too -

    The other thing i liked was all the brand new 2XL's i saw at office max - very nice display and colors - I think that both beats and monster are making a big mistake having their main brands in a place like office max and I like the sub-brand of 2xl that can be used for places like that and for drugstores and such ....

    Anyway just my opinion as always...

    Turtle -

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