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  • cs917047 cs917047 Oct 25, 2012 4:37 AM Flag

    Fricking MM's

    If they are able to do this for the last couple of days, don't you think they will take it below $12 if they don't deliver on earnings? Yesterday I watched RES go up more than 3% after beating revenue but missing on earnings, after watching it slide to minus 2%. The markets have priced in earnings already.
    At the moment it's in the logic: the shorts control more shares than us little guys in the long.
    IMO it will be important to hear what mgmt has to say on future prospects apart from earnings.

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    • There is no evidence that SKUL will not deliver on earnings and management, at this phase in the company's public tenure, should show little hesitancy in talking it up based on past performance and future opportunity.

      SKUL continues to be held back because of the perceived notion that it was overvalued back in 2011 when they went public, a perceived notion that to me is now moot. At this juncture they have proven themselves in their space but not to the Street. All they need to do is keep executing and I see no reason that they will not continue to grow this model.

    • CS

      Mr. Andrus's forward guidance will be key here, no doubt.

      The thing that puts SKUL apart from most companies is their ability to beat on Earnings and Rev (in some Q's by a wide margin). What is in play here is the P/E is going to get rediculously low at this share price if the company can even hit EPS.

      So, although Q3 will have an effect, Q4 and 2012 Full Year could bring this stock sub 10 P/E pretty easy. That my friend is as the surfer and boarders would say is "stupid" low for a growth stock.

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      • I have to agree, but stock perception is unfortunately today as influential as actual fundamentals, if not more so. I have made and lost money bouncing in and out of this stock, and never from selling it short. However, between earnings upcoming, election uncertainty, fiscal cliff, and overall economic concerns, this CC will seriously I believe be the most important ever for this company. Playing around earnings seasons is always a coin flip and really playing roulette, but more so than ever this quarter I feel. If they miss and/or lower guidance within this economic climate and with the negativity toward this stock, it really will be watch out below, even with the low PE. I mean look what they have done with CSTR, and that company is ridiculously undervalued in my opinion. Anyway, I digress, and hate the shorts after I have seen what they can do to a stock since I have started my investment career. That being said, there is no getting around there is some serious gambling going on with this stock from both sides, and I personally do not have the stomach for it. I admire those with that strong of conviction one way or another, but wish luck to the Longs. I will probably get out before earnings myself.

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