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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 Nov 13, 2012 2:23 PM Flag


    The reaction off of the 8.27 Low of Day (LOD) went up to 8.43, the monthly S3 pivot. There was heavier vo\lume and a short price range indicating absorption. Doesn't mean there were sellers in the normal sense absorbing the buying. Ratheer, it could be that a big operator wants to get positioned long and isn't ready yet, so he defended 8.43. Then note the 25k trade.

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    • I hate these new boards; replies are limited.

      Picker said, "Not to mention the 26K block sitting @ the Bid (8.46)."

      Yeah, I see it too, I hope he stays put. I hope he's not defending it as he gets short.......nahhh.

      Quite the battle ground. 8.49 is the daily S1 and just a bunch of congestion at this level.

    • The opening topic remarks were based on a 5-min chart observation, by the way.

      The AB=CD off of the 8.27 low gives a 100% D-point of 8.51 and a 127.2% D-point of 8.55. On a 5-min chart the B point, 8.43, was broken with 14k vs 10k shares. So we should get at least an AB=CD, $8.51. But of course we have supply (flack, congestion) in the background and the daily S1 pivot at 8.49.