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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 Nov 16, 2012 11:57 AM Flag

    Still Holding

    Well schitt. That's different.

    Between yesterday's close and today's open, the down move is on light volume. It is holding the support line of a down sloping channel on the 30-minute chart. That intraday channel's top line is defined by Nov 9th high and Nov 15th, yesterday's high, and the bottom/support line by a parallel passing thru low of Nov 13th.

    It is holding the weekly pivot S1 level, $8.18 and daily pivot S2=8.19.

    It is holding the long term channel support line. That channel defined by highs of Nov 10, 2011 and Aug 13, 2012 and by a parallel support line passing thru low of Dec 13, 2011 and today's low of $8.14.

    Daily Pivots for Fryday, Nov 16th:

    R3 = 9.10
    R2 = 8.95
    R1 = 8.72
    Pivot = 8.57
    S1 = 8.34
    S2 = 8.19
    S3 = 8.96

    Weekly Pivots:

    R1 = 9.77
    Pivot = 9.14
    S1 = 8.18
    S2 = 7.55

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    • Remember the statistic: the daily pivot, $8.57 today, has a 70 to 80% probability of being hit.

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      • This is Fryday, the end of the week, so let's have a look at the weekly chart. Last weeks low was $8.50. The volume is lower this week, so if we can close above 8.50 that would be saying we're going to up next week, and likely at least to the top of last week's bar, 10.09.

        The question is have we built enough cause to hold 8.50? On the daily chart, 8.50 is the high volume down day of Nov 8th. On the 30min chart of Nov 8th the high volume low was at $8.53. So, maybe a close of 8.51 or 8.52 is in the cards........sweet.

    • On a 30-minute basis, this morning, it got under the closing bar of Wednesday, the buying bar. It got under it on much, much lower volume.....NOT Real, a campaign.

      I'm thinking it will get back inside that buying bar, 8.27 to 8.57, today.

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      • Correction: .....back inside the buying bar, which is between 8.33 and 8.57. (30 min chart)

        This morning it took 90 minutes to get it down to 8.15 (under the 8.33 low of buying bar) and it did it with about 63k. The 30 minute buying bar of Wednesday's close had 154k.

        Dropping down to 5 min chart: when it hit 8.15 the selling was absorbed by buying; stopping action. 15 minutes later it retested 8.15, hitting 8.14 and closing above with much lighter volume. And then the it had a stronger reaction up.

        Looking at the background on the 5 minute chart, the slide from yesterday's high is all on puny volume, puny. Nevertheless, there is congestion from the TR on Wednesday to deal with, 8.34 to 8.40. It will need big immediate volume or time to build cause again to break back into the upper range 8.33 to 8.57

      • Today's pop in the broader market is based on HOPE that Washington will do the right thing.

        Buy the market, if you buy the story :)

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