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  • chaz16669 chaz16669 Nov 19, 2012 10:50 AM Flag

    No traction what so ever

    Huge day on the market and skull retreats. Does it test the 7's today?

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    • Typical of SKUL. I keep hearing over and over on the board these "market trend" theory's. SKUL doesn't follow the market. I have seen opposite movement to the market more times than not.

      Just saying... This is a good stock if you are betting that the sell off of the market will happen next month. The stock is sooooo oversold and undervalued.

      If we rally into next year on the broader market. SKUL will be sitting here or lower.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Don't understand your logic. It appears this stock goes down regardless of what the overall market does. Yes, it performs relatively better on down days -- because it is in line those days -- but this stock will not go up in a falling market. Since most see the market flat or up (GS and a few others excepted) going into the new year, I don't understand your Bullish optimism.

        As a shareholder, I am losing faith in management, as insiders continue to dump shares. If you believed you were getting 50 cents (or less) on the dollar, would you be a seller at these levels? SKUL management is! What does that say to shareholders?

        Don't know what the end game is here -- if the stock drops below 5, most institutions are forced to sell. Perhaps SKUL ends up a penny stock and management teams with private equity to take the co. back private in the sub-$5 price range.

        Sweet deal. Take it public at $20. Sell as many shares as you can between $20 and $5. Buy it all back sub-$5. Not saying this is in any way a credible scenario, but the fact that the company is doing NOTHING to defend the share price... not even any votes of confidence from insiders, leaves me very uncomfortable with this management team.

        They are acting in their own best interests, not those of the non-inside shareholders. And with a deteriorating stock price, it makes it unlikely they can attract new talent.

        Guess it all makes a pretty good case for selling... though as a shareholder, I am still holding (but losing confidence and conviction).

        Sentiment: Hold

    • I'm starting to suspect we have insider selling...or steady/ controlled tut selling.

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