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  • chaz16669 chaz16669 Nov 20, 2012 7:24 PM Flag

    OnePoint - Technicals?

    I'm bullish and appreciate your analysis, but am growing skeptical around buyers coming in.

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    • I believe in the fundamentals of the company but feel as if something is possibly going on that we all are not aware of that is making the big money exit. 40% loss in share value since Kyle westcoat came on board is crazy, he must have something big planned. It would be nice to hear from management about this huge drop in PPS and address the lack of investor confidence.

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      • Well said. Wescoat and Andrus should address the shareholders concerns here as neither of them will have any future in a public traded company if this continues. For their own and their family's sake... To protect their reputation.

        Andrus has a Harvard MBA for goodness sake! I guess they don't teach stock market 101 there anymore!

        I personally own a large share of stock here and I will exercise my voting rights to replace the board and CEO/CFO as well as compensation increases at next shareholder vote. I would recommend others who have significant holdings to do the same and voice your displeasure in shareholder relations in writing.

        It's your right as an owner of SKUL

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