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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Nov 20, 2012 2:36 PM Flag

    Held 13500 shares since mid $12

    I'm in a similar situation. So if you get a good answer please relay :)

    I would say personally that we will have to wait till next February when earnings come out. I would bet we will see upside movement end of year / early next. Just my thoughts.

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    • I feel like the market is dull, and people will be selling their losers in December. Also, the lower lows, and highs each day are discouraging. I also think there is some obvious major manipulation happening so the best we can do is bet correctly on where the manipulators will take the stock. The low volume is interesting and inst ownership is still good. And the new CFO is probably orchestrating something. I have some insight into the inside sales and I know they mean nothing. And SKUL has some very powerful ties to multinational marketing firms so that's good. But, as you know, the stock is worth what the market determines so your guess is as good as mine.

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      • I think alot of selling took place in Nov like I did with other stocks. I look for something positive in Dec sales I still believe in this stock as I have talked with workers in many local stores that sell SKULLCANDY headphones and buds. Every employee said the same thing to me when i asked them what they liked the most, and it was SKULL over BEATS. They said that BEATS have a name recognition ( but poor quality ) and quality is great with SKULL and if they ever break and you registered them online, SKULL will replace them free. Thses worker would much rahter own SKULL products than any others. I own some and are very happy with quality and clarity of music and gaming. Our patience will be rewarded!!

        Sentiment: Buy

    • We will see some improvement moving forward. We will have increased buying pressure from the "value" crowd. Also some short covering will be taking place moving towards next earnings announcement. The numbers will look good from holiday sales and there will be very little downside risk for the shorts to exaggerate.
      I've averaged down here and will be exiting a bunch when we start to smell 12 again.

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