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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 Nov 21, 2012 12:26 PM Flag

    Black Fryday Rally Monkey

    Management's apparent lack of concern in the share price is bullish.

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    • Let me put it another way...I know that you deal in chart tech, not investor sentiment, but lets suppose that during the IPO, SKUL would have said to potential tut investors, share price doesn't matter. We (mngmnt) don't care about stuff like that, we are just worried about you really think that would have instilled investor confidence? NO WAY!
      Now, that this lack of mngmt concern is a reality, there will be no new money coming in here.
      Thus, the only confidence is among the shorts....K.....get it?

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      • Firstly, chart analysis is all about investor opposed to internal fundamentals.

        Okay, I get it. But you are supposing; they didn't SAY they didn't care about share price.

        There is always money coming in; someone has to take the buy side of the trade. It's always a question of WHO, who is buying? Smart money or dumb money?

        You are all scared and/or depressed and in the narrow definition I use here, the dumb money. You are not buying. So, the smart money must be.

      • You know I agree with you Articfax on the management handling of the stock and more important shareholders and Wall Street.


        Andrus, Wescoat and the board all have a heavy compensation based on stock price. Andrus himself spent his 1st 2 years as COO as a Harvard Grad with no salary (just future share's in the company) he gives 10% of his earnings to the Mormon Church as well.

        As OP said... It is kinda Bullish in a sick way that they haven't fought this out. They must have confidence that the company is viable and is going to make numbers. The insider sales have all been directors (except for Andrus) and I can see why he has "planned" stock sales as he wasn't compensated for the 1st 2 years of Skullcandy's exictance.

        The company, stock price reflect HEAVY Jeremy's standing with the community and the salary consession he made.

        Just saying...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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