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  • dannynguyen76 dannynguyen76 Nov 30, 2012 11:20 AM Flag

    Is it time to buy SKUL?

    Is it time to buy SKUL? Any thoughts greatly appreciated it.

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    • OP gave you a chart evaluation, I am going to give you my take.

      This stock is soooo undervalued IF indeed managements new targets are achieved (which we have no reason to doubt based on past performance and the dribbles of channel checks coming in). My humble opinion (mind you I have followed this down from 16 bucks a share!) is that anywhere in the 8's is a good time to accumulate. So the answer is YES.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy


      The bears are the long term "investors" here since they are betting that the monthly chart plays out to its full AB=CD move. A = 23.40, B = 11.70, C = 17.76, then an AB=CD puts D = $6.15. A 1.272 extension puts D at $2.99. The month of November pushed under the B point, 11.79 on what will probably be the 3rd largest monthly volume ever. So that says it could make it. Currently, it is standing just above the 0.786 Fib extension = 8.63, a potential stopping point or just a place to pause before going for 100% or $6.15?????

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        The price is currently over-extended to the downside on the weekly chart. A = 16.75, B = 11.84, C = 14.58, then an AB = CD was 9.67. But it fell further, to a low of $7.70, which was just under a a Fib 1.382 extension = 7.79. So, it got over extended and bounced this week. It put in a higher low this week and the volume expanded from last week.

        So, putting the monthly and weekly together, it appears the 78.6 extension on the monthly 8.63, may be a stopping level based on the weekly action. But, longs should remain nimble and not get complacent, imo.

      • Just to be clear, the B point on the monthly ABC is $11.79.

        It is not surprising that the price movement today is focusing on the 8.63 area, the 78.6% CD extension of the AB move. Today's pivot is at 8.66 which of course was established by the average of yesterday's high, low, and close.

    • I have been buying and have met my limit unless it goes back down below $8. Then I will start buying again, if it ever gets back there. With the holidays coming up, the only thing (and it is big) that concerns me is the fiscal cliff stalemate. Even if this occurs, it will eventually get resolved and SKUL should recover. I think this could be a 2 bagger

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