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  • Cheers OP, good to hear your thoughts on what to watch for. Again, I appreciate the fact that you give up your time to post this stuff so that people like me can learn a bit. Obviously people should always be wary of anything posted on these boards, but you seem genuine, knowledgable and helpful. A rarity among the twits on here, but thanks.

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    • I have watched these message boards a long time and I am not sure why everyone seems to think onepoint is the great prognosticator. Each post tells of the pivots, resistence levels, and the support levels. If the stock can move past R1 then look out it can continue until hitting R2. However if going down and breaking past S1 then it can free fall to S2. Oh look, it has been in this trading range for a long time so it is building cause. Now is that positive cause or negative cause? It will make a hard break either way, just depends on what cause is building and we will know once it breaks past the R1 or S1 level. Then a day passes and a recap happens. See, the stock hit R1 and came back. OR, the stock broke past R1 and is now in a higher trading range. See, I told you so. And if the stock went down, see the stock hit S1 and was supported, OR see it broke past S1 and is now in that lower trading range. Now if it can break past the new R1 then that is bullish. We will see, but that new support needs to hold on higher volume. Every analysis is after the fact and his comments BEFORE the day leave it open for anything to happen to be explained. He can't tell you if there is positive or negative cause. He can't tell you if an R1 or S1 level will hold. He can't tell you if there will be higher or lower volume. Its like taking a world event and looking at Nostradomus's predictions and saying, "see he wrote about this very thing here". Well, all of his predictions are vague and normally talk about plague, war, death, floods, fires. Each year each one of these occurs somewhere in the world, and multiple times. Just because he said it would happen again doesn't make his prophecies correct. Wouldn't it be great if he could actually predict what would happen, where, and when BEFORE it happens. Otherwise the comments are all white noise.

      The bottom line with this stock revolves around earnings. If they exceed then a whole bunch of new retail buyers burst in and the price goes up until volume dissipates and the shorts begin to drive it down. The new retail investors scratch their heads on how it can happen expecting that big short squeeze, can't figure it out, and just like most investors nowadays if they didn't get their quick buck already then they are gone driving that price down further. Shorts cover and the cycle happens again. Ask Tom Payne who mysteriously disappeared on this message board and on seekingalpha when both his big short squeeze predictions of SKUL and MITK ended up in big losses. Trying to trade this stock technically may be OK for a day or two, but doing so near earnings is a big mistake. It is also a HUGE risk considering the manipulation this stock sees by some big investors. This stock will not see a price rise and a prolonged time at that higher price unless it continues to grow and people believe they have a brand. Once big time investors believe this and BUY, the cycle will continue. So either you buy the stock and hold it for a really long time banking on the brand to stick and their growth to continue, OR you don't believe the brand and get out (or sell short like some people do). Unfortunately too many investors think holding for a long time means 2-3 months. The average stock was held for 8 years back in 1960. Today it is 4 months. You need to drown out all the volatility and white noise news and instead invest in something you have full confidence has a great business model and will provide appreciation to your investment then cling to it like your teddy bear at night.

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      • Cheers Slick, your post is informative and makes some good points, thanks. The short termism of the markets these days does make you wonder if buy and hold is still a valid strategy.

        I invested here on a gamble, after liking the fundamentals and potential for upside. I figure that as long as revenue keeps rising, they're reinvesting in expanding the sales base, and turning a profit then it's pretty good value around $8. I'm a novice investor however so could well be wrong. My cash, my risk. If it goes #$%$ up I wont be here moaning at anyone.

        And I don't think OP is a great prognosticator, he just posts facts and his informed take on things. 95% of the twits on here post nothing of any use whatsover so I give him his dues. If people take his or anyone elses posts as gospel then that's their problem. Seems strange to me when people give him a hard time when they've got nothing better to add.

    • who is a yahoo user? must be op himself. you are the best monday morning quarterback i have ever seen. keep up the good work.

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      • You're such a #$%$ Southy. If it's LULU you're referring to, it hasn't broke out of its TR yet, so how can it be "Monday-morning quarterbacking"?

      • who is fogetabout11? must be a twit. american football must be one of the worst 'sports' i've ever witnessed so no idea what you're talking about quarterbacks for.

        i've learned a little reading one points posts, so thanked him for that. i'm not suggesting he runs for president.

        i've learned nothing from reading your posts so why don't you post something that might help someone or f off. seriously, if you, or anyone on here post something that i find useful, then i'll thank you/them. it's called common courtesy.

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